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ray ban aviator

ray ban aviator. Ray Ban Aviator (22)
  • Ray Ban Aviator (22)

  • trule
    Jan 29, 05:17 PM
    I'm not a big fan of technical analysis, since it tends to ignore everything but share price over time. In my experience technical analysts are wrong as often as they are right.

    Share price is all that matters :D

    I have lost most of my money in companies where I "fell in love" with the story. Basic chart analysis, like I just did, was unfortunatly much more accurate than my emotions. I use it as a "gut check".

    One of the best technical analysis charts is a P&F chart, it focuses on PRICE ACTION ONLY (no time). If you check out AAPL in a daily P&F chart it has broken down past the bull trend line (blue) and is consolidating. Its a pretty bad looking chart that was looking well overbought

    AAPL PF Daily (,P)

    However, if you take a look at the weekly P&F chart, then AAPL is crashing and it could fall to 54 before breaking its bull trend it could have a long long way to fall.

    APPL PF Weekly (,PLTAWANRBO[PA][D20080129][F1!3!!!2!20]&pref=G)

    I put a lot of weight on a weekly P&F chart as it focuses on one thing only, long term price the end thats all that matters, price.

    Honestly, I would sell if I owned it, and buy back in later. And I pushed my way through 2 full Apple Stores in the past week, most people wanted help with new computers or were, like me, just looking and finding it hard to come up with a reason to buy another iPod. The cash register desk was quiet.

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  • SPUY767
    Oct 24, 08:49 AM

    Flight charger adaptor added

    You're not the designer of the latest generation of BMW's are you, cause I've got a bone to pick with you. :)

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  • Ray-an-aviator-rb-3025-

  • ivan2002
    Apr 13, 10:22 PM
    Anyone actually planning on buying this? Especially with a refresh right around the corner?

    There is no refresh anywhere on the horizon. In fact, the refresh is not coming for sure before September, and there is currently no indication at all at what point after September would it come.

    If this state of affairs remains when the white is available for purchase, I am buying it. I just couldn't bring myself to buy the black 4 as I never thought that the design measures up to that "Apple pop" the way the white one does. So, my 3G is pretty beat up by now, and I never dared to upgrade to iOS 4 for fear it will slow it to a crawl, so I am well behind in apps too.

    Plus, it looks like we are having trouble thinking up even a wish list for iPhone 5, which I suspect is the main reason why it's not coming soon: there is not much to add to iPhone 4 (except as I said before in design, which for my taste white fixes at least in the visual appeal).

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  • Hot Sell:Ray Ban Aviator

  • chadwick
    Jul 25, 08:38 AM
    In response to the ebay comment, why are they seemingly so dumb? I wanted to buy a new canon lens recently and i always buy my photography equipment from B&H (probably the most reputable place on the planet) but first i looked on ebay to see if i could get a used one for a lot less. None of the auctions went for significantly less than new at B&H (especially when you factor in shipping) and at least one auction ended of about $30 more than retail. I dont get it! Don't people do ANY research?

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  • Ray-an-aviator-rb-3025-

  • ericshu
    Sep 30, 10:15 AM
    Here in Phoenix I have not had too many issues. i get full strength signal most of the time and almost always 3g. however there are a few places i have that and still cannot get data, luckily its not often, and usually its in the evening which is probably heavy usage times.

    East side of the Phoenix and the outlying areas are terrible. This thing is a brick often! I actually keep old reliable verizon around in case of emergency. Still, the iPhone rocks and I'll just keep it till they open it up to Verizon too!

    AT&T sucks!

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  • Ray-Ban Aviator Rb3025

  • Mherm88
    May 3, 08:30 AM
    You can add on a 115GB SSD from OWC. FAST turnaround.

    Too expensive, plus I'd rather do it myself

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  • Pictures of RAY-BAN AVIATOR jr

  • VPrime
    May 3, 08:25 AM
    Great, the Canadian pricing is finally on par with the US pricing. Awesome news. I just wish I was ordering now, will have to wait a few weeks.....

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  • ray ban aviator shooter

  • !� V �!
    Apr 28, 05:24 PM
    Here's another way to slice it (literally). Flipped half the image. Left the guidelines on this one as well.

    Image (

    I agree that this is no substitute for measuring the actual phone, but, at least in that photo, they are identical. Certainly not off by 1mm as the original post states.

    Everyone knows that black is always "slimming." :eek::p;):D

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  • ray ban aviators gold.

  • jmor
    Sep 12, 07:50 PM
    Those look really slick, how do you like them so far?

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  • ray ban aviators white.

  • lordonuthin
    Oct 28, 12:45 AM
    sounds good! you'll really stack up on points then! what kind of motherboard do you have with the 920?

    also, how are your amd machines doing?

    1/Athlon X2 4400+ ~20 min/frame/normal wu on XFX GeForce 8200 board
    2/Athlon X2 4400+ ~20 min/frame/normal wu on XFX GeForce 8200
    3/Athlon X2 4400+ ~20 min/frame/normal wu on XFX GeForce 8200
    4/Athlon X2 4400+ ~20 min/frame/normal wu on XFX GeForce 8200
    5/Phenom X4 9600 ~12 min/frame/normal wu on Gigabyte MA78GM-S2H
    6/Phenom II X4 965 black ~5-6 min/frame/normal wu on Asus M4479T Deluxe

    7/MSI X58 Pro w/ i7 920 ~3-4 min/frame/normal wu
    8/'09 Mac Pro 2x Xeon 5550 26 min 40 sec /frame/bigadv wu

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  • Brand New Ray Ban Aviator

  • SeanZy
    Mar 16, 11:07 AM
    Ample supply of 64 Verizon at SCP for no, but was told by the mall cop that we were not allowed to "loiter" and he told everyone in the back of the line to leave or we would be forced to leave. Real nice.


    Dude the South Coast Plaza security are grade A douchebags. They are definitely on a high horse... I guess a lot of people around that area are.

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  • RAY BAN 3026 AVIATOR 2 L2846

  • jeevesofRKdia
    Apr 6, 03:27 PM
    Shot out of the window on a recent trip back from Pittsburgh. I was a bored passenger and decided to experiment a little. Came across a stretch of trees and thought a longer exposure would make an interesting photo. It's fairly drab, but I like the earthy tones it exhibits. Reminds me of some abstract art I've seen.

    I could definitely see it as a great texture to use for photoshopping something. The earthy tones are definitely nice.

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  • Ray-Ban Aviator 3025 – Gold

  • irmongoose
    Jul 11, 07:05 PM
    WE HAVE COMPETITION!! Thank you, at last... :sniff:

    This is war.


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  • ray ban aviators mirror.

  • Glideslope
    Apr 28, 07:22 PM

    Who cares really?

    It's white! That's all I care about :)

    It's a Thick Chick Phone. :apple:

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  • Autentic Ray Ban Aviator

  • MacProCpo
    Nov 27, 07:13 AM
    Guys, need some help. I have 10 WU completed and I want to get bigadv going. I've read the setup how-to on F@H and am a little lost. Am I correct to say all I have to do to initiate bigadv is put the "-bigadv" string in my parameter block in the smp client control window?

    ray ban aviator. Ray Ban - Ray Ban RB3025PL
  • Ray Ban - Ray Ban RB3025PL

  • gnasher729
    Apr 29, 05:14 PM
    I wouldn't be surprised if it was a loss leader nor would I be surprised if different retailers had different costs associated with the products they sell. The local gas station, Wal-mart, and Costco typically don't pay the same price for the products they sell and I don't see why the online retail game would be any different.

    It would seem unusual to give a company with 10% of the revenue at least 35% rebate over a company with 90% of the revenue. This looks very much anti-competitive to me.

    I wish iTunes had $0.69 downloads. :(

    They have even much cheaper downloads sometimes; I suspect some were pricing mistakes. The iTunes LP "Plastic Beach" by Gorillaz was �1.69 (18 songs, one video + extras), probably a mistake :-) "24 Hour of Classical Music" is exactly that for �7.99.

    With amazon, I didn't have to pay the sales tax (not really Apple's fault), plus the item's price was 150$ cheaper than MSRP.

    You know that you have to pay tax on all items that you buy without paying sales tax? Most people just "forget" to tell the tax man.

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  • Ochelari+ray+an+aviator

  • fblack
    Oct 23, 12:52 PM
    The bottom line is that this is just one more EULA violation that people will ignore on a daily basis, unless MS implements some way of enforcing it.

    ray ban aviator. ray ban aviators top gun.
  • ray ban aviators top gun.

  • HLX
    Mar 31, 10:42 AM
    The rest of the design is not so bad but I wish Apple would get over the urge to make things look like their physical incarnations. I know there is a name for this but it escapes me at the moment.


    It is a bit like that, though maybe not fully, it's more visual as opposed to functional (for example in address book you don't have to 'turn' a page on the screen).

    Anyway it is a bit odd, and bound to be super polarising. Personally I think I'd live with it for a while as it does help it stand out from the other dozen+ windows I tend to have open.

    ray ban aviator. Vintage Bamp;L USA RAY BAN
  • Vintage Bamp;L USA RAY BAN

  • unclesilver
    Apr 22, 07:42 PM
    I can believe they will make a small gesture button but i dont think the phone will look like that, its hideous.

    My guess is they are going to do minor change, basically make a 4s. Will be faster slightly larger screen, thays about it. To me, they have pretty much created the perfect phone already

    Apr 14, 05:40 PM
    Does a proximity sensor work off light? (Honest question, I'm ignorant)

    Some light wave. I believe it is infrared, but don't quote me on it.

    Apr 12, 07:10 PM
    Wow, we're all over the place aren't we. If we cover our bases we'll have to be right! :D

    hahaha, yes, indeed.
    Just put up the whole calendar and say, "one of these days, we'll get an iPad 3, and an iPhone 5."

    Apr 24, 11:01 AM
    It says it used different frequencies... but then how can people jailbreak/unlock their iPhones and use it on T-mobile?

    It's EDGE only, 3G is what uses different frequencies.

    Apr 22, 09:18 AM
    The main reason I bought the current MBA in January was for the C2D/Nvidia combo and I love it. It handles everything I throw at it including gaming on the LAN with my son. My fear is that the next MBAs will be graphically crippled compared to the current models. But time will tell. :)

    Also, my current MBA runs silent and cool. Seeing all the current heat issues with MBs and MBPs running Sandy Bridge it will be interesting to see how cool or silent the SB MBAs run.

    Thats probably because the new MBPs completely obliterate the MBA in terms of specs. Run a photoshop render, any render you like, on both machines, you'll see a HUGE difference. The are quiet up till around 70c, which only happens when gaming or doing anything CPU intensive, the same as the MBA.

    Apr 23, 10:13 PM
    C'mon Apple, show T-Mobile some love'n...

    Maybe I'll buy my first ever iPhone!... But not in too much of a rush... Just purchased a MBA this past November, my first ever laptop... before that the 3G 64GB iPad 1 in June... and just got my iMac repaired to the tune of $200 bucks... so I can wait for either T-Mo to get their version of the iPhone or the merger with ATT to gain access, while I pay off my Apple debt and saving some dinero for some more Apple goodies! :apple::cool:

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