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tribal dragon tattoo designs for men

tribal dragon tattoo designs for men. chest tattoos for men (2)
  • chest tattoos for men (2)

  • InfoSecmgr
    Apr 6, 03:37 PM
    Because you do contracts for the Department of the Navy does not mean you know everything. Also there is more tax dollars going to waste every DAY with the current administration.

    Trust me I served for 21 years and saw waste fraud and abuse, and there aint a dam thing your going to do, as soon as you blow the whistle your career is down the toilet and that is active duty personnel and the civilian workers also.

    This about sums it up to the OP you are replying to here. I've been in for 6 years (a bit less than you obviously) but I do concur.

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  • yoshi31
    Sep 26, 01:53 AM
    The only thing that I'm skeptical about this whole thing is that the actual cease and desist letter has not been published. All we have are a few people claiming that Apple has slapped them with a letter and the "poor us" act. Once I see the letter I'll be more apt to believe these claims, until then I think that they are just trying to drum up hits on their sites...


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  • Gondry
    Oct 23, 06:48 PM
    Is it confirmed that we get the Leopard before Americans? I know we pay more(!) but I don't want to turn up and find I have to wait around till 6pm USA time.

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  • quigleybc
    Oct 10, 01:24 PM
    I just hope they update the Black Macbook to a reasonable price like the white one...

    and 12" has to be an option soon.

    Oh, and fixing all the bugs I read about, so when I get mine...I don't have to deal with them.

    REV B!

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  • MacCoaster
    Oct 2, 08:42 PM
    Originally posted by ddtlm
    People are throwing around "Unix" and "Windows" like they used to throw around "RISC" and "CISC". There is no reason of which I am aware why a future version of Windows cannot scale to as many processors as any version of Unix, just like the nasty ol x86 ISA has yielded top-notch processors like the P4 and Athlon.

    I think that everyone here who argues otherwise is engaged in a desperate attempt to justify their worldview that equates Apple with perfection and wisdom, or perhaps equates Microsoft with evil and boundless stupidity.
    Amen. Although I think the Windows' scalability vs. Unix's scalability is a valid argument because reasons stated in my post above. It's true that there shouldn't be a reason that Windows cannot scale to as many processors, but as I've said... it's not worth it because it isn't Microsoft's market.

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  • ethical
    Dec 16, 02:52 PM
    Christmas no.1 is all about what's most popular AT THE TIME. If that's the ****** X-Factor song then who cares! I've been invited to those facebook groups like a million times, really gets annoying after a while!

    Also.....if people REALLY wanted to get a different song to no.1 then they could have at least chosen a good song!

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  • kjs862
    May 5, 12:03 PM
    ya, with a pricetag like that I wouldn't accept any flaws in the monitor at all. definitely take it back.

    Taking it back right now, tomorrow is the last day to return it so better today then tomorrow!

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  • Sixtafoua
    Apr 5, 04:22 PM
    normal people don't exist

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  • AppleMc
    Mar 11, 02:00 PM
    Just strolled past you guys at Stonebriar, I'm so jealous, wish I could get in line...

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  • Fukui
    Apr 4, 05:34 PM
    I'm a writer and it (Pages) is totally unsuitable. Clearly a wannabe DTP program, ala Publisher. I'm sure Pages is great for doing a church newsletter. For any moderately-serious writing, Pages is unacceptable.
    I think thats the whole point.
    They wouldn't wanna step on MS' territory... just yet anyways.

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  • kickFlip
    Feb 14, 02:18 PM
    I am using iPhone 3GS here, but I miss my old phone that could do all that.
    And if iPhone can do that, it'd be great for all the east asian countries that have RFID stuff in their everyday life; like Japan, Hong Kong/China and such.

    I'm thinking that the Asian market is one of the large reasons why Apple is going forward with RFID implementation. The lack of RFID functionality was one of the major gripes Japanese users had with the iPhone. Which is partly the reason that the iPhone is not as successful there.

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  • AttilaTheHun
    Jun 11, 09:14 AM
    If Verizon was not CDMA I think we would of seen a Verizon iPhone. I just don't think Apple really wants to mess with two different models of the phone.

    disagree with you in England iphone is sell by 5 companies

    I really hope T-Mobile isn't chosen...I had them for a year and a half and what horrible customer service. Not to mention that their coverage in Palm Springs, CA is horrible. Apple should go with Verizon, I did go with AT&T myself, but Verizon is rated highest of all the carriers for customer satisfaction and coverage.

    I wish that more companies will sell the iphone in the US so at&t will not act as a monopoly DO YOU RIMMBER some 20 years ago at&t was broken out by the goverment because of monopoly lows? I thing its time to do it again

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  • netdog
    Oct 27, 03:07 AM
    It is surely embarrassing for Apple that a 3rd party developer can write an app that will download and upload from the iDisk far faster than their own Finder.

    If I'm going to iDisk, I use Transmit. Otherwise it's not worth it.

    I'm in no hurry. Would rather not buy Transmit. iDisk is incredibly slow, but no skin off my back (I don't use it too much). Interesting to learn that it is the application, and not something inherently sluggish on the host end.

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  • jaw04005
    Apr 30, 05:23 PM
    So, I picked one up the other day. Trying to find the "sweet spot" is really annoying. I'm assuming your supposed to keep adjusting the 3DS and your head until you don't see two images anymore, and that's the so-called sweet spot?

    Honestly, I don't really see that much of a difference. There's a little more depth to with 3D effect (but it's not in your face like a 3D ride at Disney World or like Avatar where stuff was floating in the air). The AR games are neat except they require a cardboard card (Really Nintendo? Wasn't this idea a huge failure with Animal Crossing e-Reader on the GameCube?)

    Pilotwings is also pretty terrible. I can't wait for the Virtual Console to launch. I'm glad Super Mario Land will be a launch title. Hopefully, Nintendo will iron out the 3DS kinks in time.

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  • Xeperu
    Feb 22, 11:55 AM
    So basically you pay like this for your phone now:

    1. Minutes
    2. Data on broadband
    3. Power for microcell

    ATT should pay you for this.

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  • ChrisA
    Nov 11, 12:39 PM
    Alright geniuses. Now that you've divulged your great linguistic abilities, why don't you provide a brief translation!

    Very brief: "PC is for business use. Macs are for personal use. But no, really the Mac can do both"

    This ad appears to be aimed at the business guy, telling him he can use a Mac too. Not like the US ads where they simply make fun of the un-cool PC.

    My wife grew up in Tokyo and Japanese is her native language. She thinks the ad is funny. It's a cultural thing, the same ad when translated would seem odd, not funny here in the US. I think this explains why you don't dub over a translation of a US ad.

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  • Eraserhead
    Jun 11, 07:15 AM
    Most of the Mac Guides help articles are now in a category called Mac Guides which is a subcategory of MacRumors.com (maybe it should be a root category, I'm not sure)

    The following needs adding to that but I can't as I'm not a mod:


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  • G4er?
    Apr 6, 11:17 AM
    I never understand this kind of thing. It's like someone saying "I can never buy a Honda because it just can't tow all the things I tow on my farm, or drive through deep mud." But then he drives his F350 every day 30 miles and back from home to town to do errands and get groceries getting 12 miles to the gallon. Most people would (and do) get a efficient small car for that sort of thing.

    Many people can't afford to own two vehicles. Car payments, second registration, second inspection, and maintenance on that second vehicle will likely cost more money than just buying more gas.

    I don't want to spend money on more than one computer or maintain more than one.

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  • Ja Di ksw
    Nov 14, 01:11 PM
    Does anyone know if the new Holiday Justin Long commercials will be advertised? If I remember correctly, the Will Ferrell ones were just online and not on any TV. At least not that I saw.

    While I do enjoy debate (not argument) on religion, can we please move it out of this thread? I've created a new one where you can move the discussion to, if you would be so kind:


    Oct 27, 07:01 AM
    I am biased... I like every app Apple does... Or almost all of them...

    I downloaded and tried Sound Booth:
    - Interface: nothing close to Apple's soundtrack
    - Features: nothing close to Apple's Soundtrack

    Will wait for the next betas and test again but first impression is thumbs down... I think this has been made for AE users who want to have a sound utility or to keep the people who built Sound Edit 16 busy (ex Macromedia).... A lot of work to do to get to Soundtrack features and feel... And by the time it will be donen Soundtrack will get more and more muscle...

    Quad Intel 3Ghz
    8 Gb Ram
    1 Tb HD
    NVidia Quadro 4500
    Apple Cinema Display 30"

    Apr 21, 06:33 AM
    Did you use the 3ds flashcart to play DS titles ?

    No, just standard DSi cartridges.

    Nov 21, 04:22 PM
    Geeks rarely make purdy websites :-)

    Interesting concept, but their website (http://www.eneco.com/) scares me away in a hurry. What was that about making a good first impression?

    Sep 20, 03:21 PM
    So far I just did the first upgrade, went into windows and I'm at UDMA 5 now...was at UDMA 4 with the slipstreamed driver XP install. I still get 59MB/s which is good with the 160 stock HD.

    Jan 21, 09:44 PM
    Any Navigon users out there who have switched to street pilot, is it worth switching over?

    What do you like better or worse about it?

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