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  • Astral Cars
    Jul 14, 05:56 PM
    My user name is Astral_Cars and ID number is 379088 (I think) but my stats aren't on EOC, that's the problem. I've had it running for three or four days and I'm still not on there.

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  • Spanky Deluxe
    Oct 26, 10:06 AM
    you'll feel even more geeky when i turn up and address you as spanky deluxe in a loud voice!

    Dear God!! I knew I should have picked a better username...

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  • kes601
    Apr 12, 01:22 PM
    Moving from Outlook is a good think no matter what. The databases used stinks. It chokes at about a million records and sooner or later, it will slow down, become lazy and before you know it... done. Corrupted... just like a US politician. :D

    Oh, I know. i've forced most of our employees to move to Web based as we use Google Apps, but a few select have been allowed to stick with Outlook on the Windows side (or in this case Mail.app on OS X).

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  • Sined
    Apr 26, 09:39 AM

    you think it will be anything more than an incremental improvement?

    I don't think, I hope.

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  • micahR
    Jun 22, 05:28 AM
    ...I'll probably do Xbox Live Gold soon.
    You should be able to get your first month of gold for free. Right now buy.com has a 12 month gold subscription for 35 bucks/free shipping.

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  • albusseverus
    Mar 23, 06:44 PM
    awesome weaponized imacs.

    Thinner, lighter iPhones wouldn't go astray. Unibody kevlar iPhones and Macs? That would be neat.

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  • motox25
    Apr 19, 11:19 AM
    I have an 06 Mac Pro that was in need of a video card upgrade. The unit came with a Nvidia 7300GT and I bought an ATI Radeon HD 2600XT to add to it. I have the ATI Radeon on lane 1 so it will get the full X16 and put the 7300GT on lane 4 to drive my second monitor so it will get x8 instead of x4 on another slot. My question is, the 7300GT sits with the heatsink nearly touching the hard drives above it, does this cause overheating issues with the card at all? If so should I move the card to another slot? This would either give me x4 on the 7300GT or I could configure the slots to give x8 each, but that wouldn't allow the 2600XT to run at x16 full performance. Another question, running 2 separate cards for each monitor would give me better performance if I use the better card for graphic intensive apps/games than driving both monitors off the 2600XT correct?

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  • bousozoku
    Sep 27, 02:17 PM
    I just hope Apple have fixed a lot of ridiculous little problems with Cocoa and the Task Switcher, etc. that they introduced with 10.4.7. I'm tired of quitting one application in Task Switcher and seeing another application's name in the menu bar while it's quitting.

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  • SteveLV702
    Mar 24, 02:57 PM
    ya probably still require the mifi adaptor and 2 year contract which then makes deal not to tempting :)

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  • SJSpike
    Nov 20, 07:02 AM
    Steve Wozniak bought White iPhone kit, interview on Dutch website:

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  • NSeven
    Apr 18, 05:31 AM
    This could be a sneeky attack from microsoft.. no one will take down Apple's POWER !!

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  • Cinch
    Nov 14, 12:59 PM
    What will the future of air travel holds?

    1. Boomless supersonic jet (NYC to LAX in 2.5 hours).
    2. inexpensive jetblue/southwest flight in continent, price point $200 round trip, todays money of course
    3. weight/bag restriction to increase fuel economy-saving us money
    4. packing sardines even tighter allowing more seats (I hope this will not come to pass).
    5. computer/machine pilot (yes, they can handle landing and take-off)--eliminating overpaid pilots and terrorism too
    6. no food service (don't worry no one will starve to death, we are in a middle of a obesity epidemic for god sake)- saving weight and money
    7. reduce flight attendance by at least 50% (no food see above), and add a "useful" security guard to control rowdy passenger - saving us money

    If you can't reduce the weight of a LCD or OLED or whatever screen, don't add it to every seats. I think the future is clear and it looks like it will diverge into two paths. 1) basic travel that allows people to do it more frequently or 2) travel in comfort and pay more thus less frequent travel. I'm not talking about first class travel here.

    Think about it, wouldn't you want to travel anywhere in the US more frequently say 7+ times a year, or 1 or 2 times a year and have all the amenities (meal, iPod, movies and overpaid pilots)?

    Tune in your fear and imagine the possibility with me:D


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  • codo
    Oct 26, 03:37 PM
    I couldn't agree more. I use Audition/Cool Edit Pro at work (radio production) and have yet to find a suitable replacement for it on the Mac. Soundbooth has very limited usability without being able to bounce tracks into an integrated multitrack.

    What's sad is that when I saw all the audio apps available for the Mac I thought Audition level functionality would be easy to find. I couldn't have been more wrong. I have tried Soundtrack and Peak, and each are good in their own way, but neither fill the needs of a typical radio station production load. It is very frustrating to me. Ironically, I sent an e-mail to Adobe just the other day requesting that they port Audition...when I saw the headline about Soundbooth, I got really excited until I realized it was a port of Cool Edit 2000. Still, I downloaded it and will test it on my iMac.

    Please Adobe...give us Audition!

    I use Audition for the same purpose. I preferred the application when it was Cool Edit, I feel Adobe have bloated it out ever so slightly. But beggars can't be choosers - It's an important tool for me.

    I've had a go with "SoundBooth", its literally the most basic editing pulled from the original Cool Edit code with a few effects pallets. Defiantly not enough for me. It runs well though, nice-ish interface, not sluggish. I personally wouldn't pay more than �30 - �40 for it, its just too basic.

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  • roadbloc
    Dec 22, 04:05 AM
    What I'm curious about is why blindly (for a lot of people) support a very successful band, wouldn't this have been a really nice little story if people rallied to buy a track from a smaller/upcoming band? Or maybe a real charity single or for something more deserving, like them soldier blokes or whoever.

    Good points, but I think you're knit-picking. A smaller and more unknown song from a smaller and more unknown band wouldn't have had the same impact. Nearly everyone has heard of RATM, and I think that's what essentially sold it. The song, band and cause, all being about rebellion.

    We've tried what you said before with something called Band Aid. The first time it was rather good and useful. The second time it sucked. The Americans also tried it and it sucked as well.

    I think giving money to shelter is a very good thing to do. I'd certainly hate to be spending xmas alone on the streets, especially in this weather. Soldiers have a job, and it is their choice they wanted to join the army. By all means, they should get all the help needed, but I believe helping the homeless is much more kinder. Please don't shoot me down for that, I fully respect the troops fighting for us abroad, but it was their choice to do that, where as, being homeless, isn't.

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  • itcheroni
    Apr 3, 11:14 PM
    If you're taking income into consideration, you also have to input cost of living. And I'm not sure what misconceptions you're referring to. Aren't we in agreement that California has a big budget problem and one of the highest tax rates?

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  • scott523
    Nov 2, 12:14 PM
    Hehe at this rate of increase, Bill Gates and his gang in Redmond, WA should be worried now. :D :p

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  • Diode
    Jan 6, 03:13 PM
    I'm surprised of no chat notifications or are those considered "messages"?

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  • techweenie
    Apr 6, 10:03 AM
    If by normal people he means peopleofwalmart.com then yes.

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  • rikers_mailbox
    Nov 21, 04:42 PM
    ... sooo, a thermocouple (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermocouple) on a chip? Thermocouples have horrendous efficiency. I don't see how a such a chip in an enclosed environment (like a laptop motherboard) can achieve enough of a thermal gradient to produce enough current to be useful.

    I dunno, i'm skeptical.

    Jan 8, 03:05 PM
    agreed. i wish there was a way to do this automatically.

    anyone know an app?


    May 2, 04:02 AM
    Has anybody ran it on an early 2008 MBP with 8600m gt? (look at my sig) What graphic levels did u guys set the game on?

    I'd be interested to know this as well (have the same machine with the 512MB of VRAM option).

    Jul 14, 04:56 AM
    Yes, the DVD-RW installation went fine for me :) It seems to work with iDVD 3 so I hope it works with your application. Good Luck!

    Apr 20, 02:06 PM
    aren't the Sandy Bridge CPUs better with battery life? isn't the MBA supposed to be an ultra portable, thus making battery life the most important aspect of the notebook? at least this is what's most important for me when considering the MBA, so the boost in CPU performance and battery life will cancel out the downgrade in GPU for me.

    Sep 14, 06:33 PM
    Who says all the processing can't be finished in the processor before it goes out on the bus. If your software is optimized it will stay on the processor do its Altivec, do its L3 cache stuff, and then when it is ready to issue a result it will go out on the bus. But unfortunately most developers seem to be ignorant they can do that, and instead over utilize the bus slowing things down. The folks at Genentech managed a 5 fold speed boost by avoiding the slowdown on the bus. Remember with less stages it will take less processor time to finish tasks. So there are ways of optimizing software for the G4 that not every software developer has taken advantage of. And believe me my G4 iMac 800 Mhz is mighty fast even without all that L3 cache, and a 100 Mhz bus. I have yet to see a PC that can match it. Get Jaguar and be surprised by how fast a Mac is.

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