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  • simsaladimbamba
    Apr 12, 07:59 AM
    No, but you may use Winclone to backup your BC Windows partition.

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  • ddtlm
    Sep 14, 12:14 AM
    The Pentium5 is to the Pentium4 what the Pentium3 was to the Pentium2. It is not a new core. It sports a few new bells and whistles, twice the L2, the potential for a faster FSB, but it is still essentially the same chip as before.

    This is not to say that the G4 will be able to keep up, or anything. :)

    2 to 3 weeks till the dual 1.25's ship, and I'm still really temped to get one.

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  • RalfTheDog
    Apr 14, 09:56 PM
    Rats, sinking ships and all that. </troll>

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  • hapishyguy
    Dec 3, 10:13 AM
    What the Shite was I doing when I was 17 ...

    Great going for this kid!

    because you are not chinense :D

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  • CaptMurdock
    Apr 10, 09:46 PM
    Say something because I don't know what that picture is supposed to mean. Can I take it to mean you don't believe there's any benefit to cutting taxes? If so, you should just say it so I can tell you where you're wrong much faster.

    No, you can take it to mean that your argument a crock of unmitigated crap. As for the benefit of cutting taxes, it depends on the context. So don't jump in to tell me I'm wrong "much faster" because I'm not.

    (Really, you didn't get the message from the picture? :rolleyes: )

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  • Kaafir
    Oct 27, 01:08 PM
    And so it begins - this is the first of only many apps that are going to be written to work with Intel chip sets only, I'm afraid. I am, however, somewhat taken aback that they appeared this early from a major software company.

    Perhaps there have been others, but I've not seen anything myself released which didn't have a PPC version available or was UB until now.

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  • AmTechFox
    Nov 17, 04:53 PM
    Good for him! :p:apple:

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  • robbieduncan
    Sep 25, 11:05 AM
    S2 and S3 now supported. See the right sidebar on the raw page (http://www.apple.com/aperture/raw/index.html).

    Annoyingly for me no EOS 400D support as of yet. So I still can't use my RAW files. I'm sure it's coming though :(

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  • TwoSocEmBoppers
    Feb 23, 01:50 PM
    This is appalling. I cannot believe this government intrusion is even legal.

    So...where does parenting come into the picture here?! That is the problem with this and many, many other problems in society.

    Edit: Posted my response without even reading other comments. Glad to see I'm not alone on this one.

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  • mingoglia
    Apr 5, 05:37 PM
    I wonder who the first manufacturer was to create a dock connector? I assume IBM? They should sue Apple and give them a piece of their own medicine. You know if the shoe was on the other foot. . .

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  • MacQuest
    Oct 7, 05:59 AM
    ...how do these people still have jobs?

    NOBODY has jobs.
    Yet Jobs has EVERYBODY.

    Mwaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... :D

    Ok, that's enough. Going back to sleep now. :p


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  • Kai
    Sep 21, 04:25 PM
    its interesting that every intel mac so far, other than the mac mini, has needed a SMC update (if my memory serves me correctly).

    It's even more strange that all of them seemed to become louder after the update. How lucky for Apple that all the reviews mentioning the Intel-Macs' exceptional silentness had already been written by then, eh? ;-)

    No, there can't possibly be a scheme behind this, no, no... Apple would never do this!

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  • Ugg
    Apr 3, 06:07 PM
    I think this mentality is a direct result of the growing income gap in the US. If you pay the peons (lower and increasingly middle classes) less, any tax at all is going to hurt them. When the economy contracts, take away more of what makes a civil society civil and ramp up the continual but false idea that we're overtaxed...

    It's time to take back the asylum.

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  • bushido
    Apr 12, 06:34 PM
    I bought a Verizon iPad because I have an AT&T iPhone. I figured that if one doesn't work, the other will. I saw no need to get two devices on the same network.

    But go ahead, explain to me why that's stupid, since I clearly don't get it and I'm ignorant.

    its stupid bc u pay twice for a mobile plan lol why not just tether ... oh wait u can't in the us without additional costs xD nvm


    sry but i still don't rly understand how it works in the US. there is an "AT&T" iPad, i thought they come unlocked, can't u just go to any store and buy a iPad "3G" and use whatever simcard u want? thats at least how it is here

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  • iAlan
    Nov 11, 01:19 PM


    Really good that Apple Japan is stepping up with these commercials - iPods are ubiquitous now let's make the Mac too

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  • velocityg4
    Mar 21, 09:03 AM
    I usually get the battery life as advertised by Apple. Though I turn the screen down to two or three bars (usually three since it often flickers at two). The Macbook is also mostly used for light computing such as web browsing with Flash disabled via the Flashblock add-on for Firefox, viewing documents in MS Word or Adobe Reader and rarely watching a DVD ripped to the hard drive (only when flying).

    I could see people easily getting less battery life by leaving the brightness up, playing games or leaving Flash enabled when web browsing.

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  • iApples
    Apr 4, 11:46 AM
    Why don't we just give our full paycheck to the government each week. With all these stupid taxes, we're pretty much already doing this.

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  • iWonderwhy
    Apr 12, 03:04 PM
    don't care

    page and keynote still rock

    Let's be honest, and speaking as a user who owns both the iWork and the Office suite, Microsoft Office is the superior productivity suite at the moment. Both have some things that the other does not, but overall Office is the best. I'm sure the majority of Mac users would agree...at least the ones that don't let the Microsoft-Apple rivalry get to their heads..

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  • kvnan
    Apr 14, 08:35 AM
    I built a table that links directly to bestbuy, walmart and target (http://kiernanvandoorn.wordpress.com/2011/04/01/where-in-the-world-can-i-buy-an-ipad2-now/) to check inventory levels. it helps, but with very little supply there isn't any good news hiding on the back shelf. And there are horror stories all over the next about bad practices like forcing customers to buy service protection plans just to buy from existing inventory. (http://kiernanvandoorn.wordpress.com/2011/04/11/best-buy-forces-customer-to-buy-service-plan-to-get-an-ipad-2-out-of-storage/)

    Dec 18, 11:09 AM
    Well I've not yet appeared in the news. Note that when I talk about the rebellious crowd, I'm referring to more than just you and the peopl in this thread. There has been a total overreaction to it in the news and by 'celebrities' over the country. In any case, that's not irony.
    I haven't noticed but I'm not following it all that closely. Just bought my track and hoped for it to work out.

    I meant it was ironic that the most seriously I've taken this is in talking to you after having said to you that you may be taking it too seriously.

    I sincerely hope not. I'd rather have anything other than a poor metal track being played continually on the radio over the festive period.
    Hey, it can't be worse than Spice Girls and many other (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Christmas_number_one_singles_%28UK%29) odd choices.

    May 4, 12:33 AM
    Is that the same thin flexible OLED technology Sony was demonstrating at Consumer shows a year before (http://www.physorg.com/news174112703.html)?

    The consumer market contains much more powerful development forces than defence procurement.

    Waging wars in order to further technology is a very poor justification for killing lots of people and squandering billions in cash.

    How do you know that that Sony prototype didn't come about as a result from work at UDC (funded by DARPA)?

    Consumer forces made flight widespread. Military forces make flight feasible. Hitler's minions didn't invent the jet engine and solid booster to deliver packages and orbit weather sensors. Intercontental flight was made widespread after we decided to work on carring warheads across the ocean vs ppl. In 1940's who woulda funded a massive manhatten project to see if we can make it heat up some water...theoretically. The need for computer networks to survive a nuclear war now enable's us to read eachother's posts and take advantage of the consumerism on top of this web page.

    Many technological advancements are so costly and far-fetched that no reasonable "business" would risk investing a lot of money in it. That's when paranoid governments pick up the tab. I don't think you understand that it's real easy to spend $499 on an iPod with tons of "Apps" on it and say...oh yah, this is like real easy to make because Chinese ppl take 50 cents worth of material and put it together. But before all this was possible, some of the smallest components in that iPhone and the most basic of all "Apps" took a "visionary" with a massivly risky budget to make one blink on some $5 million vaccuum box for the first time in history!

    Dec 28, 09:13 AM
    "AT&T may 'periodically modify [their] promotions and distribution channels.'"

    Not so much doubt cast, unless one believes that such periodic modifications are random and mercurial.

    AT&T sucks, plain & simple. They've been allowed to score big w/ their exclusive iPhone contract, and think that marketing will remedy the problem.

    Wake up Apple.

    Mar 11, 02:45 PM
    most products "Made in the USA" are excellent quality

    Damn right son

    Sep 25, 09:58 AM
    how many of us actually care much about aperture...?
    Anybody that is a photographer?

    At least I care alot, and this could mean a whole lot of improvement for my company.

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