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all naruto shippuden characters

all naruto shippuden characters. Naruto Shippuden
  • Naruto Shippuden

  • Bosunsfate
    Nov 21, 04:39 PM
    At first read I was going to be skeptical....I mean isn't this just cold fusion?

    Having read through the science on this now...we'll this is pretty interesting.

    The main hurdle appears to be the actual application of this into some type of consumer device...and that being cost effective at the end of the day.

    If this works out..yea, we are talking about some major changes....

    Why are these guys in Utah though?

    all naruto shippuden characters. Naruto Shippuden Characters
  • Naruto Shippuden Characters

  • mdelvecchio
    Mar 23, 04:17 PM
    Meh. Integrated stuff always fails first. See VHS/TV and DVD/TV combo units, or the lack of updates (and eventual phase-out) for TVs with built-in cable or sat tuners. I'll take it separately, thanks.

    so you have a stand-alone tuner, then, i take it? same thing.

    all naruto shippuden characters. Naruto Shippuuden: Gekitou
  • Naruto Shippuuden: Gekitou

  • Stridder44
    Apr 21, 01:22 PM
    4S. I like the name, and it makes sense to keep continuity with the previous naming scheme (3GS). I guess we'll see a true iPhone 5 next summer.

    all naruto shippuden characters. Naruto Shippuden Vol.1 (MSRP
  • Naruto Shippuden Vol.1 (MSRP

  • soulreaver99
    Mar 16, 09:20 PM
    Taken while I was In the car so excuse the blur. This was in Rowland Heights, CA

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    all naruto shippuden characters. Shippuden: Naruto VS Sasuke
  • Shippuden: Naruto VS Sasuke

  • cmaier
    Apr 13, 11:07 PM
    She probably left this place. Why would anyone want to do business here when all people do is trash Microsoft.

    That's not all people do. They spend just as much effort trashing Apple.

    all naruto shippuden characters. the Naruto Shippuuden will
  • the Naruto Shippuuden will

  • MacRy
    Mar 17, 02:15 AM
    �6/gallon here in he UK, or �1.32/L :mad:

    all naruto shippuden characters. Naruto Shippuden: Shinobi
  • Naruto Shippuden: Shinobi

  • BRLawyer
    Sep 3, 08:58 AM
    I agree Finder is slower than a snail. Many Mac fans live in denial about the s-l--o--w f----i-----n-------d--------e----r but it is a joke compared to XP. I love OS X and it would be easy to impress others with it's elegance if it weren't for the S-L--O---W F----I-----N------D-------E--------R.

    Great! The pop-up menu on my documents folder in the dock just opened. Bye Bye.

    Sorry, you don't use XP and OS X, then...XP is much slower and a simple piece of crap in regards to multitasking and multithreading...OS X is MUCH faster at that, and can deal with multiple windows, eye candy and different tasks WAAAAAAAAAY better than XP...and yes, I use both (XP for work, OS X at home).

    all naruto shippuden characters. Naruto Shippuuden:Kizuna Drive
  • Naruto Shippuuden:Kizuna Drive

  • JDDavis
    Mar 6, 06:44 AM

    Used some off camera flash to create contrast between the falling snow and the rest of the scene. Totally forgot to CTO gel it but oh well! Even more contrast now!

    Nice. My only complaint is the really bright street lamp. It keeps sucking me in. I like the bright lights in the background though. How does this shot look in black and white? I'm a sucker for snow shots in black and white. Don't know why.

    all naruto shippuden characters. art, Naruto
  • art, Naruto

  • erck24
    Apr 25, 11:40 PM
    It's a Mid 2009 15" Macbook pro. I think it's the version of bootcamp, 3.0.4 but i can't find 3.1 or later on the apple site for some reason and all the other ones download in code; driving me drazy. I think the version of windows is either the original or 7.1. Any thoughts?

    all naruto shippuden characters. Naruto: Saikyo Ninja Daikesshu
  • Naruto: Saikyo Ninja Daikesshu

  • baryon
    Apr 5, 01:17 PM
    I always question the sanity of people who use laptops this way.

    I never use the physical click as it requires an extra finger, and it sounds extremely loud. The only time I press it is for dragging, as Apple's lame implementation of Drag Lock gives you an annoying delay each time you do a single click, while it waits to see if you're going to drag or not. But of course you need two hands for that, as if you use a single hand your finger movement will be greatly restricted, making you have to repeat the movement many times. This is what I miss with a mouse: you could simply drag and drop with ease, using a single hand.

    Also, everyone seems to say that the entire trackpad is the button, which clearly isn't the case: you can't press it at the top, for example, as that is where the hinge is. If I could physically click, i.e. press down on the trackpad anywhere (not just the bottom half), and perform a drag with a single finger pressing down on the button and moving the cursor at the same time, that would be great. I wonder why Apple didn't do that.

    all naruto shippuden characters. Knocking the new characters
  • Knocking the new characters

  • rasmasyean
    May 6, 12:19 PM
    "Networking" in Windows CAN be hard. Because it provides a lot of flexibility and versatility. While MS does try to make "Home Networking" user friendly, I'm afraid I wouldn't say it's completely intuitive. But it's mostly because ppl don't RTFM! In this day, the internet has so many "guides" that it should not need a person with half a brain. Google is a really neat word ppl should learn. If they don't know about it by some chance...its in the dictionary! No joke!!!

    Apple on the other hand, realizes this about some ppl who are "un-helpable" so their motto is to "dumb down the interface" so that ppl with 1/4 a brain can do many "computer tasks". But this doesn't really make a difference to ppl who require "powerful" networking, which includes all indirect benefits found in Windows...prolly grown since the intro of Windows NT. And that's why Windows has been the primary choice for industry. Not just your "word processing station" as well as evidently, the "server arena", but also as an interface to control machines from cash registers to robotic chained automation assembly lines that makes the actual computers!...including macs and iPhones! :p

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  • Full set contains characters

    Jun 10, 12:19 PM
    every analyst in the world just bet the farm a few weeks ago that Verizon was definitely getting the iPhone this that reality has set in speculation about T-Mobile begins....

    all naruto shippuden characters. New game-exclusive characters
  • New game-exclusive characters

  • chrmjenkins
    Apr 29, 01:34 PM
    The government isn't likely to levy a significant gas tax in the near future. The oil barons will not approve.

    They already do. They take our tax money and use it to subsidize the oil companies. And they most certainly approve.

    all naruto shippuden characters. Shippuden pein read the leader
  • Shippuden pein read the leader

  • TwoSocEmBoppers
    Feb 23, 01:50 PM
    This is appalling. I cannot believe this government intrusion is even legal.

    So...where does parenting come into the picture here?! That is the problem with this and many, many other problems in society.

    Edit: Posted my response without even reading other comments. Glad to see I'm not alone on this one.

    all naruto shippuden characters. Naruto Shippuden Naruto
  • Naruto Shippuden Naruto

  • *LTD*
    Mar 25, 10:19 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8F190)

    Before all you Apple fannies disagree with this; just remember Apple is trying to sue everyone else too.

    It's all ridiculous.

    When you release the kinds of game-chaining products that Apple does, I'm kind of inclined to look the other way. Why not. Apple's earned special treatment for the time being. That is, for the time being.

    Might doesn't make right. But being exceedingly awesome, does.

    I know it sounds unfair, but **** it. Apple's changed the entire conditions of the game.

    all naruto shippuden characters. Naruto Shippuden Gekitou Ninja
  • Naruto Shippuden Gekitou Ninja

  • fyrefly
    Apr 20, 11:42 AM
    I'll second that, no intel 3000 will be entering my house
    And I doubt that there will be a backlit keyboard again. As I said in the last thread apple took it out for a reason not for fun

    And that reason was? Thinness? Cost? Do you have any evidence to back this up?

    I think it was simple economics - take out the BL keyboard to get the cost under $999 and keep the margins at 30%.

    However, as tech gets more mature, and the R&D Cost is recouped for the new design, I think they can re-add the BL Keyboard w/o sacrificing the $999 Price-point or the 30% margins.

    As you said, it wasn't just "for fun", but "for profit" and if they can maintain that profit, and return a marquee feature like the BL Keyboard, why not?

    all naruto shippuden characters. Naruto Shippuden The ninja way
  • Naruto Shippuden The ninja way

  • mrsir2009
    Apr 24, 03:08 AM
    This is for the 13" model as its the one I'm interested in:

    1. Thunderbolt.

    2. Backlit keyboard!

    all naruto shippuden characters. The title for Naruto Shippuden
  • The title for Naruto Shippuden

  • liavman
    Mar 24, 10:50 PM
    I just want to say how much I both love and hate Macrumors. :)

    Sent from my shiny new iPad just purchased from Verizon.

    :) That is what my friend said about me. I turned him on to this deal and he bought one.

    all naruto shippuden characters. Now all characters in Naruto
  • Now all characters in Naruto

  • Tom B.
    Dec 16, 02:32 PM
    It's winning! I've bought it five times myself!

    Rage Against The Machine's Morello praises chart race

    Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello has said that beating the X Factor single to Christmas number one will be a "wonderful dose of anarchy".
    A Facebook group which aims to get the band's 1992 hit Killing In The Name to the top of the festive chart has attracted more than 750,000 members.
    Current figures show the song has sold 175,000 copies, compared to 110,000 for McElderry's single, The Climb.
    Morello told BBC 6 Music the support for his song was "heart warming".
    'Unexpected windfall'

    He told the station's breakfast show that the "rebel anthem song will transcend the Christmas holidays".
    He added: "The one thing about the X Factor show, much like our own American Idol, is if you're a viewer of the show you get to vote for one contestant or the other, but you don't really get to vote against the show itself until now."
    He added: "It's this machinery that puts forward a particular type of music which represents a particular kind of listener.

    "There are a lot of people who don't feel represented by it and this Christmas in the UK they're having their say."
    The guitarist said the single's position as a Christmas number one contender was an "unexpected windfall" and he plans to donate some of the proceeds to a charity which helps children progress their musical careers in the UK.
    "My hope is that one of the results of this whole Christmas season is there'll be a new generation of rockers who will take on the establishment with the music they write."
    Meanwhile, in an interview with music magazine NME, Simon Cowell - who is behind the X Factor single - said that the ITV1 show had "done everyone a favour" by adding some life to the festive charts.

    "I think we were getting to a point where [the Christmas chart] was all becoming like The Millennium Prayer, and I just didn't like that song."
    "I think we all have this belief that the Christmas number one was just amazing, a real special occasion, but actually when you look at them over recent years, it was Bob the Builder one year, Mr Blobby�there's a tradition of quite horrible songs.
    "I think I've done everyone a favour.
    "Shows like Britain's Got Talent and The X Factor have actually got people more interested in music again, and are sending more people into record stores. We haven't seen this kind of uplift in years."
    McElderry's single has been available to download since Monday, but physical copies go on sale on Wednesday.
    Record industry trade magazine Music Week said the release of the CD single was likely to give the X Factor winner "a massive boost".
    "While the singles market is now overwhelmingly made up of download sales, X Factor Christmas singles traditionally sell strongly on CD," it added.
    In recent years, winners of The X Factor have eased their way to the top of the Christmas chart. Last year's winner, Alexandra Burke, scored the biggest-selling single of 2008 with her cover version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.

    Optimus Frag
    Feb 18, 10:14 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    How much money round that table??!!

    Good to see that's Steve is still well enough to attend such things. Still very thin mind you.

    Apr 2, 03:34 PM
    If you have been using a computer for the last 20 years, there is no question that Word currently is the way to go, it seems to be perfected.

    Word was perfected at least 12 years ago. Since then it's been a steady slide into very non-perfect bloatware. When you can't add any more useful features you have to add gimmicks I guess.

    May 3, 09:45 AM
    Thanks for the great ideas ... I like the idea of using Chronosync to sync both machines on the same network ... might give that a shot. Currently using Dropbox as a usb drive replacement.

    Apr 5, 10:03 AM
    The xoom tied the iPad? That's a joke! And I say this because yes I have used a xoom. It was a pile of turd.


    I liked the way the interface was positioned on virtual panes. The transitions were nice and did help orient yourself in a physical space. BUt that's about it. The rest is a pile of Android garbage.

    I hate to be so harsh on Android. I really would like to see the UI improve. It's just so painfully obvious that Google doesn't really have strong top-down direction on streamlined user interfaces. It's run by developers who like tinkering and options. In other words, the OPPOSITE of what your consumer facing product interface should exude. I really believe it's a problem with design philosophy over there. Certainly, a rush to market is another large factor.

    May 2, 07:32 PM
    It is not thicker, don't believe all the junk you see.

    I have the white and the black iPhone 4 and the white one is slightly thicker. The front glass plate has a raised perimeter "lip" that prevents the front face from coming in contact with a smooth surface if you place it face down, my black iPhone 4 does not. Incidentally - this makes it almost impossible to put the antiglare screen protecting plastic on, as the edges are always pushed ever-so-slightly up unless it is perfectly centered.

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  • dsnort
    Oct 16, 08:33 PM
    Apple smart phone with keyboard? I could definitely be talked into that.

    And if that keyboard was actually part of a full video capable touch screen? :D

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  • aced411
    Mar 5, 10:03 AM
    Actually you'll get the best performance with the single CPU Mac Pro. Logic doesn't do a good job of multiprocessing. It's beats up one core for most tasks. There is supposedly a way to leverage other cores/cpu's by routing tracks through different buses or something to that effect, but that's a ridiculous solution. I'd really only recommend the multi cpu pro's for those using Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects or if you're doing a lot of encoding.

    On a 2009 Mac Pro single quad, I've had 45+ tracks (combination of audio and virtual instruments) all with multiple plugins running and it doesn't even flinch.

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  • Jason Beck
    Mar 16, 11:42 PM
    $3.49 Cedar City, Utah (Unleaded)

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  • sp86
    Aug 19, 03:22 PM
    I dont know what kind of CRAZY KILLER friends you all have on facebook. I only have relatives and close friends I see and talk to on a normal occasion.
    and only share the info you want with the people you want.. its not that hard really.

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  • rainman::|:|
    Sep 14, 06:22 PM
    Whoa, wait, where do you find a hot neurosurgeon??? I'd miss less appointments with one of those...

    best of luck iGary... You should be able to take a cab, as long as you take a few minutes to recover afterwards. Usually, the worst of the mental grogginess (where you're saying weird/naughty stuff, and are likely to get confused by a cabbie) is accompanied by jelly legs, so you won't be able to wander away, at least until you've sobered up some...

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  • InsanelyApple
    Mar 11, 06:59 PM
    I will be buying an American made car at some point in the near future.

    Then you may want to buy a Toyota Camry. Ironic, I know. :rolleyes:

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  • Pictured: Hugo Boss; Tom Ford;

  • kingdonk
    Feb 28, 06:53 PM
    Hows great, lion just froze up, i did a hard restart and everything is there ready to carry on. with all the crashes/blue screen of death ms had years ago, you would of thought they would of done something like this.

    More server admin and one from server monitor, some reason it do sent work on my mac book pro.

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  • MattSepeta
    Apr 12, 02:21 PM
    By the end of this year I will have paid the final payment on my loans... I can't believe it's been 15 years! Worst investment I ever made.

    Seriously, one of the most eye-opening things when I entered college was learning that I did *not* possess a liberal, open-minded view of race relations. I grew up in a white neighborhood, with nice liberal white teachers, always telling us how we are all equal. I always admired Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speeches when I heard them.

    I thought that was the prevailing view until I got to college. I was so naive I wanted to run up to the first black guy I saw, give him a hug, and tell him I understand. Ha, not really, but you know what I mean. Guilty white liberal kid. I was stunned by the violent reaction I got before I'd ever opened my mouth.

    Wow. The whole thing was just turned on its head. Nobody talked about true equality as a goal - it was all about power, grievance, reparations... and everything I learned just sounded shockingly racist. I was told that was just how whites see things. Rookie mistake!

    After I had to write a paper on "Myth America- How The American Dream has been and always will be a Myth" I conveniently forgot to sign up for the next semester's classes.

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  • runninmac
    Sep 17, 10:56 AM
    One day, just rush into the store and shout "I Love You!". That should get her attention.

    & creep her out ;)

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  • sportsfan
    Jun 10, 03:33 PM
    If only they hadn't been such head cases when Steve-O first went to them with the iPhone idea. Just think how far ahead of the competition Apple would be with all those potential subscribers.

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  • mabaker
    Apr 14, 02:39 PM
    He is a spy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • omahajim
    Oct 9, 03:47 PM
    It's funny how the capitalists are all for a free market...until it starts working against them.
    DING DING DING we have a winner.

    Yeah, downloads 'might' be less expensive to sell, because you have no B&M store, no packaging, no shipping, etc etc. But downloads have their costs too: servers (lots of them), bandwidth (lots of it), etc etc. Totally different delivery mechanisms, but doesn't automatically mean that one is cheaper than the other to 'deliver'.

    Target and Wal-Mart and other big box stores occasionally fight small communities for the free market 'right' to open a store. But they bitch and moan when someone new sells a similar product in a new and innovative way.

    Should work both ways, guys - an equal market is an equal market. Unless you want competitors to be less 'equal' than you. (not very eloquent, but you get the drift).

    There is a brand new Target open just a couple miles from me... that I haven't been tempted yet to step foot into. Target's stance on this issue seals the deal... I won't be venturing into that shiny brand new store.

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  • abideworldwide
    Jan 11, 08:57 PM
    Like my Nuvi for the Garmin interface and have been waiting for an iPhone app to take its place. Have used Google maps and like others stared at the blue dot in a field of grey where no map has loaded due to slow or no cell coverage. Garmin dropped the ball on the decision to not load the map data as a package. All of North America is around 1GB on my Nuvi and I'd gladly devote that space on my iPhone. Whats more our iPod 4G could have been a nice GPS in my wife's car with the maps loaded. No cell connection for the iPod means no maps and no way to use it for a second Garmin purchase. Lost revenue from our two devices Garmin but if you guys in Kansas fix that problem and have all of the map data included you've got two more sold!

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  • amac4me
    Oct 27, 09:09 AM

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  • DarkForces
    Apr 5, 11:03 AM
    I just hope I can get an iPad 2, so I can verify CR ;) Still waiting for mine to come in. :(

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  • JordanTracer
    Apr 6, 08:02 PM
    Okay, anyone with any intelligence can tell this is fake.

    1. Camera positioning is wrong, the positioning of the camera would be closer to the middle of the ipod, because the image sensor would be to wide/thick to fit there, its not like the iphone which is not rounded.
    -in image 4 you can also see that the camera was photoshopped in by the pixel patterns
    -photo 1 you can see fake shadowing opposing the camera to make it look as if its real, but really giving away its fakeness

    2. capitative button, the idea is cool, but apple already discussed this option and said it was unreliable, and would cause many to lose battery life from heat activation.
    -Also in image 3 you can clearly see it was photoshopped by the blurring, repeating and the swirling on the fingerprints.

    3. Capacity, the actual and physical capacities of a device are different, a 128 gb ipod would have 120gb physical. then some more reserved for apple so 118gb
    -also photoshopped, if you noticed the added blur in the area of device capacity, its because there is. also the focal point is distorted by the blurring effect so it proves the photoshopping

    4.DVT-1 that is the name commonly used for the development of iphone, but each test was labeled with its respective code such as N90, or its respective XXGB meaning which has come to be known as the common for test items, because the cases are manufactured the same for many levels as the internals are tweaked and tested.
    -photo 1 shows a blured capacity like 64gb, not the same as the 4th pictures dvt-1
    -photo 4 is filtered to much, and has photoshopped DVT-1 which would be an improper labeling

    so in conclusion macrumors should remove this or label it as fake on top, its completely fake, and not even a good rumor.

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  • sebastianlewis
    May 16, 03:16 AM
    Because most Apple products have hardware AND software so you might not know where to look for your specific issue/for the information you want.

    For example if I was looking up information on the iPod Touch, there will be information on the hardware and information on the software, but they will be in different places.

    It is possible to guide the user to the correct information that they're looking for just with decently written Guides and smart use of redirects.

    Problem: The iPod touch is a subset of the iPhone and does not entirely warrant its own article.
    Solution: Automatically redirect users from /iPod_Touch to /iPhone#iPod_Touch

    Problem: User wants to look up information on the iPod touch's hardware.
    Solution: Redirect user from /iPod_Touch to /iPhone#iPod_Touch

    Problem: User wants to look up information on the iPod touch's software.
    Solution: Redirect user from /iPod_Touch to /iPhone#iPod_Touch and place an iPod Touch Software link at the start of the section which redirects to /iPhone_OS.

    Err, well I'm not making suggestions that that's the exact place they should redirect or anything, but I'm making a point that it's possible to guide the user to the place that they are looking for.


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  • Jeffx342
    Sep 13, 09:35 PM
    I know Steve has some kind of plane to take on the Pentium world hes a smart guy especially if he got this far.

    I have 2 Pc's yes still no mac....

    Comp 1: P3 700Mhz w/ 256mgs, Geforce 2

    Comp 2: p4 2.4 Ghz w/ 512mgs, Geforce 3

    Let me tell you I was so excited about the "new Pentium 4 Processor" when it came out. To tell you the truth there is not a whole lot difference between Pentium 3 700Mhz, and Pentium 4 2.4Ghz. I was actually dispointed because everybody made such a big deal about it. The Mhz numbers looked nice on p4 but I waisted my money!

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  • aaron4osu
    Apr 16, 12:34 PM
    I'm trying to learn SQL and want to set up a very simple database on my computer to run SQL statements(create tables, run queries, etc..). I've downloaded querious, razorSQL, but can figure out how to set them up. Hostname, port, etc...

    Isn't there a simple environment to do something like this. I've tried several tutorials on setting up mysql from the terminal but never got that to work either.

    Mar 22, 10:21 AM
    ...that has a proper keyboard. A larger screen. A 160 or maybe 250 or even 500 gb hard drive. multiple USB ports, vga and maybe even HDMI. Can multitask, run the Office apps the business world actually uses, play any movie format including HD content, DIvx, H264 etc, browse the web with Safari. Or Firfox. Or Opera. With flash...that works.

    Compared to a 'Crappy' netbook, even the cheap iPad is very expensive.

    Valid points, honestly. But, what negates your argument is that:

    1. the netbook user experience is terrible. (come one, be honest... it is)
    2. proper keyboard? really? honestly, dude, we can debate this, but I guess it's a matter of opinion. Netbooks keyboards are too cramped up for me.
    3. larger screen? maybe by an inch or so. past that, it's no longer a netbook, it's a laptop.
    4. by the time you add a larger HDD, the price balloons to over $600/$700, no? at least that's what I've seen. at that point, you're out of the netbook price range and into laptops again.
    5. they all use Windows i.e. What good is a Ferrari body with all the bells and whistles if the engine is from a Hyundai

    Again, I guess it's a matter of opinion. I do acknowledge that you bring valid points, but it just seems like, at that point, you're talking about a laptop, not a netbook.

    And, again, they run Windows.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Jun 14, 05:24 PM
    What the heck are all of the USB ports for?

    Jun 11, 02:49 AM
    Perhaps, but T-Mobile's major problem is coverage rather than saturation. (Although T-Mobile has filled in its gaps primarily with AT&T coverage agreements.) There aren't all that many people competing for AWS 3G service right now, even in places like New York and San Francisco, and that's precisely where the AT&T-only iPhone needs help.

    Precisely. Tmo owns about 33% of the wireless spectrum in New York 45% of the wireless spectrum in San Fran according to this. (

    Apple already sells the iPhone on T-Mobile; at least in Germany. If you really want to, just unlock one and pop in a TM sim card (try doing that on Verizon). Sure you won't get to play scrabble at 3G speeds on TM, but it's not like you'd be able to on AT&T. ;)

    And in many other countries as well. I counted nine here ( plus I believe Tmo is carrying it in the UK as well.

    @ SAD*FACED*CLOWN IIRC they did not have the kind of deal where they allowed anyone with expiring contracts at anytime for the rest of 2008 or 2009 to upgrade at the full upgrade price. Also I think what I do partially because of the publicity around this deal.

    Feb 18, 10:49 AM
    Notice Steve is the only guy without wine?

    He must be pregnant.

    Apr 6, 01:07 AM
    There's no such thing as a 'normal person'. The 'normal people' he is reffering to are the computer illiterate. Being computer illiterate dosen't make you normal.

    Actually, it does. Everything that you know about computers (or believe you know) as just being natural and everyday, most people don't know those things. Did you know immediately when 10.6.7 was released? Most normal people don't know that. Software Update eventually finds it and they install it.

    funny penguins

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  • AAAAHHH Penguins!

  • voicegy
    Jul 6, 02:07 AM
    Don't know if she's getting the machine from an Apple Store, but if so, they're MORE than happy to perform the data transfer.:)

    (there is, I believe, a reasonable cost involved)

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  • March of the Penguins Stunt

  • longofest
    Oct 26, 01:01 PM
    Sucks for anyone with the Quad G5s.

    Yeah, tell me about it (looks down at my Quad). But honestly, I think it will suck even more for Adobe, as they are really limiting themselves in the market that they can reach. Come on Adobe, it wouldn't be THAT hard to code according to Apple's Universal standards, would it?

    Then again, they may be trying to go for the optimal performance possible. I blogged about this a while ago (, and how Universal Binaries using the Accelerate framework may not always give you all the performance options available to a program.

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  • peskaa
    Apr 5, 07:07 AM
    Somehow I was expecting to see a lot more praise and excitement for the 3DS after it launched....

    The 3D effect seems to trigger mixed reactions. Other than that...there really doesn't seem to be anything truly exciting about it? I don't see any "wow, those graphics!!" or "holy cow, this thing is fast/powerful" type comments.

    The general vibe I am getting from here and other places is more like "pretty neat", rather than "wow, so awesome". :confused:

    Because that's exactly the response.

    The 3DS graphics are roughly the same as PSP, so nothing new (and in fact, so 2005) and hence nothing to jump up and down about. Sure, it's better than the DS...

    The 3D is mixed reactions because it's...meh. The consensus is that it's cool for a while, after which your eyes hurt, or the battery dies, or you get fed up with losing the sweet spot all the time. It's got the wow factor of being a new technology, but no real lasting appeal.

    I had a 3DS for three days, sent it back. Totally underwhelmed.

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  • Fuzzy14
    Dec 21, 06:02 PM
    I didn't know about the discounting, makes it all the more sweeter! I don't follow Pop Factor, couldn't even name any previous winners. Somebody in work was talking about Alex somebody, it made them laugh when I asked 'who's he' (apparently he's a she?) I had to look up the Steve Brookstein reference! God I'm getting old!

    I would be interested to see the breakdown of how much the artist received after the writer, Cowell, Sony, publisher, distributor etc etc etc have taken their cut.

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  • I think this is too funny.

  • redbeard331
    Jan 17, 11:58 PM
    Still no push, it can't be that hard can it? The small devs get push working on their apps no problem..

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  • peterdevries
    Apr 13, 12:44 AM
    Do you mean you have actually met people that are totally happy. Really dam your lucky I have never met people in all my life that did not bitch about everything...take your pick they hate something of it even their own kids. :rolleyes:

    If you quote me, than please do it properly. And if you want to make a point, try to make it coherent, because you are not making sense at all. Lastly, loving or hating anyone's kids doesn't have anything to do with the reason why the ribbon in MS products is a flawed design. :rolleyes:

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  • awadeee
    May 2, 12:54 PM
    This is a relief. :D

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  • lssmit02
    May 31, 11:52 PM
    This is a great widget, and itself justifies the upgrade to Tiger! BTW, I believe you can update any widget by selecting it, and then hitting command-R (just FYI for the summary in the first post).

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  • pkson
    Apr 5, 08:55 AM
    A no-brainer, huh?

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  • 40 Penguins a Bunch (51 pics)

  • DaveGee
    Apr 16, 04:02 PM
    x2 of what you said.... you verbalized what I was trying to say a lot better than I. :o

    Thanks! :)

    I wish they included this but I guess it was more detailed then they were willing to broadcast.

    After NewsToons was turned down in mid-December, Mr. Fiore did not try to submit it again, “mainly because it seemed like it would be so daunting.”

    “It’s not like I had a phone number for someone at Apple,” he said, adding, “interestingly enough, I do now.”

    Just goes to show how two-faced they are.. :(

    Look, believe it or not I'm a big fan of Apple for the most part but the UGLY way they've handled the APP store was/is just too much for me to not speak my mind about it. Oh and before people start screaming... WELL YOU HAVE A CHOICE... Yea I'm well aware of my rights and freedoms and one of them is to LIKE Apple and their products and STILL speak the truth about their militant behavior they exhibit over the APP store.

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  • liavman
    Mar 24, 06:58 PM
    If your local store does not have it, call nationwide. My local verizon store said they ship for free anywhere in the U.S. by FedEx. I had one shipped to Florida. Hope this policy is not unique to the store I visited.

    "luckRunsOut" reports above that the store in San Antonio off DeZavala have a lot left in stock.

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  • DTphonehome
    Nov 11, 05:22 PM
    Ha! That guy totally calls it "iRife"!! I rewound it several times to be sure : )

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  • funny pictures of cats with

  • alent1234
    Dec 27, 07:34 PM
    What type of fraudulent activity?

    Id theft

    find Ssn number and order iPhone
    ssn owner fights the bill
    thief resells the iPhone

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  • neurobound
    Feb 27, 10:02 AM
    In-app purchase can be disabled using parental control. This is stupid. I expect my tax to be used by my government to tackle bigger problems, oh maybe like jobs and the economy, not to appease some idiot "parents."

    That's probably where you and most people misunderstand the role of government. Through the consent of many people, the government is responsible for the current state of our economy, thanks to the high taxation, regulation (more often favoring a large corporation rather than smaller business) and social programs promising far more than they ever could ever practically provide.

    Just ask yourself, with our government spending record amounts of tax dollars. Handing out more unemployment and welfare dollars than ever - more more than any government in the world, by far - shouldn't we be more prosperous than ever?

    These booms and bust's don't just... happen. Give up the faith in this idea that government MICROMANAGEMENT is going to save us. The burden of this economy could swiftly be lifted off our shoulders if people would recognize the necessity to strip funding to all unconstitutional programs. We could be prosperous again if we the people would collectively recognize that to fix these problems, small steps can't be taken, but immediate... radical legislative progress that guts the current budget and corporate favoritism and military empire.

    Regulation isn't inherently a bad thing - it can be a law we all agree on, however if we look more closely at regulation we usually get, it's often a law that's built to favor a particular party, quite often the larger corporation. Shouldn't the law be equal to all? It is for this reason many of us are against so many regulations, they hurt small businesses, and ultimately the average person.

    This isn't about government vs rich as so many people seem to get stuck on. Some of the rich that so many people hate, virtually OWN the government. So why continue to fund their efforts as we have for way too long now?

    The constitution for the united states, if we can't agree on that single document, the law of the land that define's the limits of our government's authority...then what hope do we have to agree on anything?

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  • Funny Penguin Collection by

  • ImAlwaysRight
    Nov 2, 10:10 AM
    In ten years from now, expect the Mac OS to have 98% of the market share and a paperweight will be more valuable than any Windows PC. :D

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  • Labels: funny, penguins

  • mack pro
    May 3, 12:35 PM
    Well, savvy enough to avoid Windows whenever possible.

    They're so savvy that they run to the Apple store for every minor issue.

    funny penguins. Punk Penguin
  • Punk Penguin

  • adroit
    May 2, 11:12 PM
    But thankfully we won't waste more of taxpayers money on elections until 2015!

    No, we'll just waste it on war, revenge based justice, intolerance and lining the pockets of the rich.

    That's much better:rolleyes:

    funny penguins. June 27, 2007
  • June 27, 2007

  • weldon
    Apr 2, 07:56 PM
    It's a great Word alternative for those who don't need Excel and don't want to shell out several hundred bucks (MS Office) just to get something better than TextEdit.
    At $80 for iWork and $150 for the student/teacher edition of Office, it's a bit harder to justify. Of course, if you get an academic discount, $50 for iWork is low enough that you might just pick up both. I'm waiting for Pages to become a more capable page layout app. I'm still a little worried that Apple won't stick with it.

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  • japanime
    Nov 11, 03:08 AM

    Apr 21, 12:58 PM
    maybe this was one of the phones that was shown in a video a few days ago? the phone was white, and had around 64gigs of storage with a modified version of ios...

    Mar 31, 01:07 PM
    I'm not sure if it was the 10.6.3 or the iPhoto update, but iPhoto now recognizes faces. yay!

    Aug 14, 02:04 PM
    ...if you're selling soap.

    Imagine the following. You're Apple's ad agency, and you've been hired by the Reds, the local sports team. A few miles away is the home of the Blues, and in your town, the Reds make up the team affiliation of about 80% of the population, with the Blues making up the other 20%. There's a degree of rivalry between the teams.

    The Reds want more people coming to their stadiums. They need increased revenue ticket sales. The only people to attract now are the Blues. The Blues obviously like your sport, otherwise they wouldn't have chosen a team in the first place, but they're not willing to consider, as yet, seeing Red team games. How do you attract Blue supporters?

    If you're Apple's ad agency, your ad goes something like:

    Blue: "I'm a blue player"
    Red: "And I'm a red player"
    Blue: "Duh. I can kick this ball, duh, look" (*kicks at ball several times, finally actually hitting it the 7th time*)
    Red: *smugly bounces a ball on knee* "Red scored the highest last season, and we're consistantly the best team"
    Blue: "Hey! Hey, watch this" *attempts to balance ball on nose, ball consistantly rolling off and away. Blue chases after ball*
    Red: *Kicks ball up, bounces on knee, headbutts it, and catches it with one hand behind him* "We have some really skilled players"

    (Ad continues ad-nausium. By which I mean it's an ad that makes you nauseous.)

    Now, another approach might be to run an ad that consists of a bunch of shots from your stadium. You show some pretty good playing, stuff people will find impressive and will have wished they saw. You show the Reds most often, but, hey, there are two teams in every game. In other words, instead of taking sides based upon the team, you show people that if they come to your stadium, they're going to have a good time. They're going to see some impressive playmanship. Even if it's not their team, there's reason for them to want to go and see the next game.

    Which type of ad would sway you? Which type of ad would get you to go to a stadium owned by your team's rival?

    The current "I'm a Mac" series doesn't work because it appeals to fanboism, but in doing so, it also ends up being fanboism's victim. It doesn't appeal to PC owners, it just cements existing Mac user's sense of superiority. Except me. I cringe every time I see them.

    I disagree totally. People buy superiority. Thats what a good portion of the population wants. Thats why peop;le buy designer clothes. Thats why people buy fancy cars. Thats why people buy expensive jewelery. Thats why people stay at 5 star hotels. People want to feel like they are better than everyone else or they've made better choices.

    Not everyone of course. But there are alot.

    Mar 25, 08:29 AM
    I called my local verizon store. girl told me she would only sell an original ipad bundled with their mifi. Forget it.

    Go in the store and talk to someone else. I got one no mifi, no problem.

    Oct 16, 10:35 PM
    One model is expected to be a "smart phone" with integrated keyboard, video and music capabilities...

    YESSSSS please come out with an Apple iPod+PDA+Cell w/ QWERTY device - i would buy this in a second!