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  • TheAppleDragon
    Apr 15, 05:00 PM
    I've just installed Lion on a blank drive on a new Air and this is in Software Update. I'm definitely running DP2 as it says in the dialog. Is this telling me to update to something I already have or is there a DP3 I haven't heard about?
    It's just a minor (supposedly, not enough people have looked into the deeper changes) upgrade, nothing much new - though you do have to use Xcode 4.1 DP 3 to make applications after updating. Guess that counts... sorta. :P

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  • bushido
    Apr 25, 01:50 PM
    i bet u half the people wouldn't even understand how to install a OS without a physical disc, not everyone is as involved with stuff like that.

    if i were to ask my family what "mount an image" means none of them would know what i'm talking about lol

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  • asdf542
    Apr 5, 07:27 PM
    I knew there was a reason to sit the 2011 mbp refresh out.

    Why? Soon enough there will be thunderbolt to USB 3 adapters seeing as how thunderbolt has twice the bandwidth of USB 3.0. 2011 MBP owners won't be missing out on anything should they need USB 3.0 down the road.

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  • Sharkus
    Sep 1, 07:00 AM
    Even though people may be illegally using the dev preview of 10.5, how much testing are they actually doing? Developers, yeah, we're actually testing, to make sure our products are compatible, but normal users, I doubt it.

    Having said this though, I think there might be a few devs out there who have downloaded the preview illegally. The reason for this being that Apple has *still* not put the dev preview up on the Developer Connection site. Now I'm expecting we'll see a dvd in the next ADC seed mailing, but it's a little unfair to not have it downloadable. There are various reasons why developers may not be able to attend WWDC and they are being penalised for not being there by not being able to legally obtain a copy of the software released there.

    It's a small gripe I know, as it's not as if 10.5 is released and we're waiting to test with the GM, it's the first seed release. But it's always nice to know from the get-go whether your software is going to need a minor tweak or a complete rewrite to make it work with the new OS.

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  • Abstract
    Sep 17, 03:47 PM
    She might have had a really boring work day and you were a fun and cheery face/voice... and just said a friendly 'heya' after her shift...

    But when you show up two more times and you seem to express interest-- that is borderline creepy. Think about it, what if she thought you were trying to hook up w/ her after her shift?

    I know you're a woman and all, but how is coming back and expressing interest "borderline creepy?" I only think it's creepy that he came back the 3rd time at around the same time, on the 3rd consecutive week, knowing that she was working. The 2nd time seems okay. In fact, the 3rd time would have been ok as well..........if she was quite interested. ;)

    And yes, she was being friendly when she said "hello" that first time. If you were going to ask her out, you should have asked her to a drink then when things were fresh. The next time she saw you in a store, she already knew you were interested, and her reaction would either be to come closer again, or stay away. She stayed away.

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  • Dreadnought
    May 28, 08:23 AM
    How is this?

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  • queshy
    Nov 13, 12:15 AM
    Why did they replace Justin Long in these ads? ...I could have sworn he spoke Japanese. ;) :p

    Ya! remember the camera one when he talks to the japanese camera!

    The first time I watched I couldnt even tell which one was the Mac lol....I still liked it.

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  • tristangage
    Jun 15, 05:27 PM
    Yes and no. There is a "new" Dashboard for waggle controls...I mean Kinetic, allowing easy motion access to things like FB, movies, movies and the basics. However, it'll be controller driven for the main part still.

    Ah I see. Thanks.

    All of the features in this xbox should have been included in the original, like the ps3. I want one, but will wait for mine to die in 2-3 years.

    Ironic that tonight my father rang me up and told me that he turned the xbox on and it has the RROD... maybe he'll buy one of the new ones! :p

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  • tvguru
    Sep 25, 10:50 AM
    Sweet. When is it available? Did I miss that? :confused:

    I think this is it

    Publication date: The update is to appear still in this week

    But the translation confuses me a bit.

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  • rovex
    Apr 5, 11:21 AM
    Regarding touch buttons, my post above. Regarding pressing the wrong side in the dark, although I have done that a couple of times in the past, I think they make the button concave so you can feel where it is without looking. I (personally) think that a glow in the dark button would look tacky, especially because they glow in that eery green colour. :(

    When you are watching a YouTube video, I tend to forget where the home button is. Or when surfing the web for some time while in the dark.

    And I don't literally mean glow in the dark like those cheap Halloween things, I'm talking about an actual light behind the capacitive square symbol which has a sensor which turns on when there is a certain level of darkness.

    I can easily envisage this happening . It would look fantastic.

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  • lmalave
    Oct 16, 10:47 PM
    picture the 80gb ipod, in its current form factor.... that slides down like the LG Chocolate does, to expose a full qwerty keyboard... sweet

    Hmm...I have a feeling both the iPhone and iPhone Pro will be flash-based though. But I think you're right they will both be slider phones. I think the iPhone "slim" phone will basically be like a shorter, wider iPod nano with a slightly larger screen and a slide-out keyboard - so it will be about twice the thickness of a nano. The larger iPhone Pro will be like a narrower iPod, maybe with a portrait screen orientation instead of landscape, and will again have a slide-out keyboard. I expect that the iPhone will have something like 2 GB and the iPhone Pro something like 4 GB or even 8 GB. I would be pleasantly surprised if either of these models had any expandable storage, but I doubt it. I think they will initially launch without expandable storage, and then add it later in the second generation of iPhones...

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  • Aldaris
    Apr 30, 02:06 PM
    So what if I pre ordered this game a year or more ago.....
    I'm pretty sure it's been at least a year. My buddy pre ordered me and him a copy. I'll see if he got the email.

    I think this is a recent offering, it expires May 17th, and I have heard that Amazon (Europe?) expires May 16th, or when supply drops, whichever comes first.

    You'll have to check out the fine print...

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  • iWonderwhy
    Apr 12, 03:04 PM
    don't care

    page and keynote still rock

    Let's be honest, and speaking as a user who owns both the iWork and the Office suite, Microsoft Office is the superior productivity suite at the moment. Both have some things that the other does not, but overall Office is the best. I'm sure the majority of Mac users would least the ones that don't let the Microsoft-Apple rivalry get to their heads..

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  • longofest
    Oct 26, 01:01 PM
    Sucks for anyone with the Quad G5s.

    Yeah, tell me about it (looks down at my Quad). But honestly, I think it will suck even more for Adobe, as they are really limiting themselves in the market that they can reach. Come on Adobe, it wouldn't be THAT hard to code according to Apple's Universal standards, would it?

    Then again, they may be trying to go for the optimal performance possible. I blogged about this a while ago (, and how Universal Binaries using the Accelerate framework may not always give you all the performance options available to a program.

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  • NinjaHERO
    Oct 6, 12:05 PM
    This rumor sounds sketchy at best, but man I would love a bigger iphone.

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  • brucem91
    May 4, 09:45 AM
    Yes this is partially the reason. The other reason is that Apple refuses to even allow the option of current generation video cards in their products. Even when they upgrade they are often not top of the line. The best card on the imac you can get is capped at 512MB which was starting to be a small amount of video memory even back in 2006. I think a current generation gpu should at least be offered as an option.

    Yes Windows has had "minimize" too for many many years. Just press Alt-Tab, this is not exclusive to OS-X.Not minimize, but rezize on the fly. However, i'm not to sure about the graphics card argument, because, like you said, the game runs better on the same mac, just in windows, which I have also noticed, but I still prefer to run SC 2 in OS X.

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  • MacBandit
    Sep 14, 07:33 PM
    [/B]I agreed with you. The new dual ghz is FAST, but the noise in the hot summer day. I can use my new Powermac as heater in the winter season. :)

    This baby can heat up your room nice and warm!:) if you are looking for heater and something to compute, Apple dual is a machine to get! [/B]

    Compared to every high end PC I've seen of late is not only louder but makes any Mac look like a refrigerator in comparing the amount of heat they exhaust.

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  • jsquared
    Jul 11, 12:10 AM
    We have a laptop and I still have my iPhone. There's about 20 people in line now. It's just after midnight...if you couldn't tell by the time the post was made.:apple:

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  • nagromme
    Apr 19, 09:57 AM
    Whether it ships or not, I hope it’s real and not just an OS hack. I’d like Apple to keep playing with different multitasking UIs. The current version is nice, and those iPad developer gestures are awesome, but it’s worth experimenting to find the best method.

    The Expos� thing is neat, but needs app icons added to the windows.

    I like the new(?) folders—looks like they’d fit 3 icons across, to better match what you see in the folder icons! Hope they keep that system. Or something with 3 across. (Or, if nothing else, have 4 across but show the top-left 3x3 set in the icon.)

    Anyone notice the lip around the edge on the front and back? Maybe will help avoid scratches when dragged on a flat surface.

    Maybe that’s just how it looks in white, with that lighting? The glass may not be inset any more than the existing version—which has black plastic lip in the same place (flush with the glass).

    Oct 26, 12:39 PM
    Got my copy of Leopard and t-shirt! Start queuing about half four, maybe a little after.

    I didn't expect that amount of people� I mean, I figured there'd be a lot of people, but :D. Also, congrats to the Apple store security people for blocking off the fools who started their own alternate queue from the opposite side of the store entrance. The organisation was crappy though. I don't know how many t-shirts there really were, but if anyone from Apple is reading this, next time someone should probably walk down the queue while it's not frantic and hand out numbered tickets for people to show as they go in.

    I can't wait to get home and install it though! The front is so shiny� :O

    Aug 14, 11:34 AM

    THEY ARE THE BEST ADS EVER!!!!:cool: :D :D :D :D :cool:

    I love the way they make windoze peecees seem like useless boxes, that just take up space in your house, and are only good for paperweights (which is very true:D )

    Sep 25, 10:29 AM
    right now there is an "On-going demonstration about how metadata is stored even when some media is offline"

    Aug 19, 11:38 AM
    If you use this, you're an idiot. Plain and simple. No debate or discussion.

    I agree.

    Actually if you have a fb you're an idiot & yes I have one & yes I'm an idiot.

    Mar 27, 02:35 PM
    Nice dude, you really had to go there right? A good'ol racist comment.

    how was the statement racist?

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