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  • Random baby name generators (9

  • rebby
    Apr 2, 10:31 AM
    Hope he is doing well.

    He's doing very well. If you're interested in all of the details, we did setup a Caring Bridge page ( for him.

    The view out Blake's admitting room the morning of surgery:

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  • chrmjenkins
    Apr 25, 12:03 PM
    They usually offer OS upgrade vouchers after an actual release date is announced for those who purchase systems from the announcement to the release date.

    Ah yeah, that's right. I couldn't remember what they did for new OS releases. That likely means you'll have to wait until WWDC to buy an iMac though, since I'm 99% sure they will give us Lion launch date then.

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  • BrianMojo
    Aug 15, 04:55 PM
    Doing things to improve existing features like many of the things in this thread are what make me happy, I must say.

    I worry that with all the graphical trickery and little gizmos the OS is getting too convoluted. I'd very much like to see everything become more integrated and straightforward rather than increasingly complicated. I appreciate options added for power users and I use many myself, but I'm hoping that the essential OS experience does not grow more complicated.

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  • kirk26
    Apr 14, 03:02 PM
    Things seem to be smoother with my VZ iPhone 4 opening and closing programs. I always though my iPTouch 4G was snappier than my VZ iPhone but I think they are on par with each other now. This probably has nothing to do with it, but I just did a speedtest and I have yet to ever hit those numbers until now. I was averaging anywhere from 650-1200kbps and sometimes 1500kbps on rare occasions.

    (Picture will resize if it is huge. I apologize. It just takes a little bit of time for Photobucket to catch up.)

    Don't believe it! Everyone here thinks it's lies! :rolleyes: :D

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  • FearNo1
    Sep 30, 04:08 PM
    Dropped calls is a feature of the iphone... enjoy ;)

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  • ngenerator
    Apr 14, 10:45 AM
    It seems to be fixed with no new updates :( drats

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  • Corey Grandy
    Sep 12, 09:59 PM
    Sooo cute - how is the demeanor and personality? Good apartment dog?

    They're really shy at first, like any animal. But when they warm up to you they are extremely loving and loyal but they get jealous if there are other animals around that get any attention.

    I had one before with an ex and we had him in an apartment, no problem. He was very easy to train and I was extremely impressed by that. They aren't loud by any means and in this case they max out at 12" from the front paws to the back of the head and weigh ~12 lbs.

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  • roguedigital
    Apr 14, 04:50 AM
    Someone has already pointed out the roman numerals ix mean 9, but no one has put 2 and 2 together ....

    What about the saying about being "on cloud nine"?

    I'm thinking it's a little inside pun related to cloud-based services that haven't had their marketing name released/finalised yet.


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  • DTphonehome
    Apr 13, 08:16 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Smart to release it now. The verizon iPhone, then the white one, extends the freshness of the iPhone while they extend the iPhone 5 release to the fall. I think by fall they will be ready with a larger screen, NFC, LTE, and a cloud-integrated iOS 5.

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  • 28monkeys
    Apr 21, 10:27 PM
    wow, who should i side? iphone or my samsung TV !?

    funny name generators. Random baby name generators (9
  • Random baby name generators (9

  • kingtj
    Jun 24, 03:18 PM
    I'm honestly not too surprised. On one hand, Apple keeps pushing the iPod Touch as a great little portable gaming system (so kids are getting them left and right), yet on the other, they make it a big pain to prevent a kid from purchasing unwanted software on it.

    I know first-hand, because my g/f used to work for Apple, and got refurbished iPod Touches for both of her young kids, after they were constantly borrowing her iPhone. My own daughter got a refurbished Touch last Xmas as well.

    I thought I'd be slick and create a whole new iTunes account for my kid that wasn't linked to any credit/debit card at all. That way, she can only purchase FREE apps unless I pre-load her account with some money from a gift-card first. (My g/f didn't do this, and her 3 year old started buying herself quite a few games one day! Until then, she just assumed said 3 year old wouldn't even be capable of navigating the App Store on her own and doing it!)

    But then I realized all the little games we bought and put on my iPhone a long time ago were not going to be transferable to her iPod Touch without re-purchasing them. No way I was going to re-buy them, and she was getting all upset she had stuff on my phone that wasn't on her Touch. So I wound up redoing her Touch so it shared MY iTunes account. Not happy about that though, and sure enough, despite my warnings, she bought about $10 in software one time!

    Apple really needs to re-think the way this stuff works. I'd be all for something like Android's store apparently does where you can request a refund for anything you download within the first 24 hours.... but frankly, some people will still abuse that too. (They'll start using it as a "free rental" service, grabbing things for a day and then requesting refunds.) So maybe a setup where you can refund apps up to 24 hours later up to the first X number of times, and then the account reverts to only giving refunds within the first hour or 30 minutes?

    haha, this makes it onto MR?

    My little cousin purchased $2,820.75 from the app store on an iPod Touch. And Apple wasn't going to refund any of it until a transcript from an internal chat was somehow included in a email to my Aunt that consisted of very rude talk behind her back.

    I have the emails, but my aunt and uncle aren't finished with the fiasco with Apple's legal team, so I can't show them.

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  • Dr.Gargoyle
    Aug 15, 02:26 PM (
    Reports indicate that ... Front Row are exactly the same as the Tiger versions, suggesting that unannounced improvements could be in store for them by Leopard's final release.

    Hmmm, why would an update of Front Row be deemed top secret...
    Could this suggest that the mythical iHome might be coming soon?

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  • Mistrblank
    Mar 31, 10:34 AM
    I prefer the clean look of the current versions as well. It would be nice if Apple would actually implement a system with unified look.

    The iPad and iOS get away with it because you have one window at full screen to look at. With a computer, I want my components to look alike and behave alike as they sit side by side.

    If you're going to add this crappy eye-candy, at the very least give us the ability to reskin all of it.

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  • Digital Skunk
    May 3, 08:23 AM

    I was going to spring for the refurb i5 at $1449 but then I saw the late 2009 i7 for $1369 and was wondering which model I should go for.

    I'm honestly leaning towards the i7 and have a lot of faith in apple refurb products.

    Apple refurbed are the best you can find in most cases.

    Apple never puts previously damaged hardware on the refurbed store, only open boxed then returned products, or products at End Of Life (EOL). You will find TONS of the previous models on there for 15% off or more.

    Any damaged goods always get parted out and used as Genius Bar parts for repair.

    There are TONS of things I don't like about Apple, but they actually do refurbished good very very well.

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  • reubs
    Jan 28, 02:44 PM
    Lol I pretty much killed that whole bag in one day. $9 in my belly!

    Picked up a 32gb Transcend Class 10 SDHC for the hp mini. $50 is not bad for all that extra storage space.

    Are the Transcends pretty good cards? I need to get some high capacity SD cards for some read only storage, and I've never had any experience with SDHC cards.

    Where'd you pick these up?

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  • astroot
    Apr 28, 05:57 PM
    I sat the two next to each other just like the original pic there, and they are exactly the same, in my opinion. Imagine the OP got a "defective" one.

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  • TwoSocEmBoppers
    Mar 16, 12:20 AM
    Guys, I have been at Brea on Monday and i was in the line nd they said they dont have any iPads in that days shipment. Then i went there today and they said they handed out tickets. So out of desperation i am planning to go there at 6 am and wait in the line tomorrow at Brea. Does anyone knw how many tickets did they hand out today and will camping out before the store opens tomorrow in Brea bring me any luck?

    Hi Avinash...I was there today at Brea and they handed out approximately 12-15 tickets. While I do not know numbers, the AT&T models were in less quantity than the Verizon and Wifi.

    Seeing as I did not get the version I wanted, I will also be joining you at Brea around 6:00AM! 32GB Black Wifi here I come!!!!! :D

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  • zenvision
    Oct 24, 09:33 AM
    I do not have a practical answer for you, but I had a similar question when I was upgrading the HD in my powerbook - I wanted the fastest drive I could afford as this would give my PB the biggest performance boost. What I found out is that the 160GB 5400 perpendicular drives have about 90-95% the performance throughput of a non-perpendicular 7200 drive. The reason being that because the bit are perpendicular, the drive needs to rotate a shorter amount to read the same amount of data. I know at the microscopic size of the data on the drives this seems hard to believe, but logically, it makes sense to me. My PB is a screamer by comparison to the 4200 drive that was in there, which has not bearing to your question of course...

    I suspect, that the 5400 160GB drive from Apple will have decent performance. Personally, I'm not impressed with the 4200 200GB offering, but for someone who needs more space and ultimate performance is not key, then this would be fine.

    That all being said, I look forward to finding out the specs & models of the actual drives Apple is putting in the new MBP's before I'd put money down on one.


    thanks for the info! sounds like the 5400 160gb drive is the one for me... :)

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  • andyjslin
    Oct 20, 10:22 PM
    I want to finish writing my thesis and have it submitted.

    Plus an iPhone 4.

    Jul 28, 08:51 AM
    Why doesn't everyone copy the AACs from all of their iTunes purchasing friends. Have those friends authorize that machine, and then go buy a ZOOM or whatever. Let MS scan for purchased tracks, and then pay $100's in licensing fees for the one purchased zoon. Then, pass the zuun onto a friend so they can do the same.

    Only available once? Resell on eBay and at least that is 1 less new one being purchased and produced. (Plus then THEY'LL be pissed they can't get all their itunes songs in zuun format for free, haha!)

    Jul 10, 12:52 PM
    great news. I'd love to use iwork instead of office which is slow and crashy, but pages just doesn't cut it for me right now. What I'd really love is for pages to have a "notebook" kind of view like word does because that's much more convenient for taking notes in class.

    Er, see that TextEdit icon in your dockbar - try that.

    Nov 23, 07:59 PM
    I'm using the default Folding@home client from standford's site. FahMon and F@H WUdget report the core as Gromacs SMP, and it is using both cores. I noticed with activity monitor that it has spawned 4 threads each using around 45-50% CPU which is a bit odd as it is only a dual core machine with no HT. The PPD is at around 1080 and it is going at 1.66x minimum speed. What do you think?

    That seems about right for a 2 core system.
    As for the 4 process I think thats because the code was written to be used on 4 cores. This is how it should run on 2 cores. Unless they changed it since back when I first was folding. I have lost touch with the current stuff. :p

    Apr 22, 06:40 PM
    My money is still on it being the same form factor as iPhone 4. This design still has plenty of life left in it.

    Jan 30, 09:39 PM
    Just went there for the first time yesterday to be disappointed =/
    Expensive and nothing special. The Habit is a better option imo :)

    Aw I hate it when food is disappointing. I have never had The Habbit, so maybe that is why my five guys burger was delicious haha.

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