lunes, 16 de mayo de 2011

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  • PBF
    Apr 12, 05:19 PM
    I'll laugh my ass off when Apple do announce iPhone 5 at WWDC.

    LOL @ all the false rumours.

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  • cleanup
    Sep 12, 09:19 PM
    And here my last purchase: Shaken green tea lemonade - I quit buying coffee from starbucks to reduce my sugar intake but I needed something to get from the coffee shop!

    I actually get a half-green, half-passion tea lemonade. Try it. It's good. :)

    Corey, that dog is adorable. What breed?

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  • crackpip
    Jul 24, 11:21 PM
    Without the third party economy and proprietary ports, there is also little to keep the MS Menace at bay, despite the coolness of such a product.

    Bottom Line: there WILL be a regular dock connector for the foreseeable future on all iPods except the shuffle (which is on it's way out).

    While, I am skeptical of the no non-wireless interfaces. I have to disagree that Apple cares much about third-parties when designing their iPods. The dock connector has been pretty standard, but other characteristics have not. For example, the remote port, that used to be near the headphones. It was also used by FM transmitters and microphones and maybe more. The size of the iPods also keeps changing (the new 5G are a bit wider and thinner than the 4G) making any devices that the iPod "fits into" need to be retooled.

    The bottom line is that if Apple sees merit in changing the interface (like removing the remote port to conserve space), it will do it regardless of effects to accessory manufacturers. They will adapt to the new designs.


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  • iMikeT
    Jul 24, 04:07 PM
    I would love to have a new wireless Mighty Mouse but I already have the original. I might just wait until I get a new Mac to get one.

    For some reason, I still hear many people complaining about this. The complaints will more than likely come from the fact of the lack of a "real" right-click.:rolleyes:

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  • Anonymous Freak
    Apr 28, 02:24 PM
    Why are you equating "cross-dresser" and "pedophile"?

    Also you do realize that gender roles and gender distinctions are purely socially constructed concepts that hold no real barring on reality.

    Calling someone "creeeeepy" because they do not fit into your preconceived notion of gender is kind of ****ed up no?

    The two were separate qualifiers. I wouldn't imagine that a male pedophile that ISN'T cross-dressing would try to walk into a womens' restroom. I was *NOT* meaning to imply that all cross-dressers are pedophiles.

    To me, "transgender" means someone who identifies as the opposite of their birth gender the vast majority of the time. "Cross-dresser" means someone who primarily identifies as one gender, but occasionally dresses as the other gender. Yes, it is possible to have a transgender cross-dresser, someone who primarily identifies as the opposite of their birth gender, but occasionally dresses as their birth gender.

    I have no problem with "regular" cross-dressers. But if they identify as their birth gender the majority of the time, they should use their birth gender-labeled restroom. If they identify as the opposite gender the majority of the time, even if they are still physically their birth gender, then I don't have a problem with them using their identified-as restroom.

    And, yes, I fully agree that calling someone creepy because they do not fit into preconceived notions of gender is ********* up. People are people, regardless of outward appearances.

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  • arn
    Jun 6, 07:57 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 3_1_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/528.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile/7E18 Safari/528.16)

    15 minutes?

    45 Seconds is all it took to get the facts...

    Google search: "android market return policy"

    First result:

    For those too lazy to click...

    "Returns: You have 24 hours from the time of purchase (not download) to return any applications purchased from Android Market for a full refund of any applicable fees."

    Summary: 24 Hours, not 15 minutes.

    This is such a great feature that would perhaps stimulate fair pricing and quality paid apps

    Problem with this feature is it kills viability fo many non casual games. Pretty much most story/campaign games can be solved in that time period.


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  • maclaptop
    May 4, 05:57 PM
    At&t bumped my upgrade eligibility from 11/30/2011 to 6/30/2011.

    I do a lot of business and have several activated lines with AT&T and Verizon. I purchase several new phones annually from each of them. I'm a true smartphone addict. :eek:

    AT&T has revamped the way they calculate upgrade eligibility and time lines. They used to simply count the months you've been in contract and assign you a fixed date.

    Recently all that has changed. Now they take into consideration how much you spend with them, how many lines you have, what your data plan and text msg plans are etc. They monitor this on an ongoing basis. As a result your upgrade date on your account is dynamic and will change periodically.

    It may change frequently or just once or twice during your contract period. In my case what I like is I get upgrade pricing just about anytime I wish based on the fact I spend quite a bit to have several concurrently activated phones.

    Your mileage may vary :)

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  • steadysignal
    Apr 14, 08:32 AM
    It's the mythical xMac! :p

    can i has one?


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  • Macaroony
    Mar 9, 01:38 AM
    I would like to see them pull off a change of actor for once, without changing the character. I think it's an insult to the audience's intelligence that networks think we can't accept someone else in the role. They always go for the knee-jerk reaction, which is to kill off the character. Give us some credit, and a chance for another actor to make the role his own. It's not like it's unheard of. How many James Bonds have there been??
    I'm sorry, but this never works. At some point, in every show that did the that it becomes some kind of inside joke on and off camera. I'm reminded of the 200th episode of Stargate: SG-1, where upon a ridiculous parody of the show one of the characters says:

    "Never underestimate your audience. They're generally sensitive, intelligent people who respond positively to quality entertainment."

    This on a sci-fi show with enough technobabble to keep you busy arguing with other viewers about the authenticity of the in-show's reality.

    For movies it's different because each one is a narrative of it's own. You can't can't compare Sean Connery with Pierce Brosnan as you can't compare Never Say Never with Tomorrow Never Dies because both movies are done in their individual way.

    On a television series, you have a continuous narrative that can change its direction, but as soon as you change major plot points or dare switch the main actors with new ones, that's a plain insult to the audience who watched from the start.

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  • alexf
    Oct 18, 04:31 PM
    1,610,000 Macs and 8,729,000 iPods were shipped this quarter representing a 30 percent growth in Macs and 35 percent growth in iPods over the year-ago quarter.

    As always, the iPod is Apple's real cash cow.

    Too bad for those of us who wish they would divert a little more of their attention to their computer line.

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  • ghostface147
    Apr 28, 04:58 PM
    This is what happens when Apple buys their white iPhones off the street in China. Keeping it real folks...keeping it real......

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  • dba7dba
    Apr 13, 03:13 PM
    I don't want to join in the bandwagon of naysayers who think they know Apple very well because none of us actually do.

    Instead, I'll look at how it can possibly be true.

    First point: The iPhone was released amidst a sea of dumb smartphones but did this fact stop Apple from dominating and changing the market, so I a crowded market a deterrent to Apple to re-introduce TV to the world? NO

    Second point: The way TV is done by current competitors and Apple themselves, is that the focus is being heavily shifted to go through the web, which of course traditional media firms don't like. But what if you have an appliance that connects the way it did to traditional networks but once contents gets in you can control it the way you want. Apple is about user experience, maybe they have developed a way to make traditional TV more fun and interactive to use.

    Third point: Apple is an electronic appliance company now more than ever and have been eyeing on capturing the living room for a while now. The TV is the center of the living room and instead of plugging in on to one why not make an actual set, that way you cut out competition from more established appliance manufacturers?

    Fourth point: Apple already has a game console which is considered the hub of home entertainment, it's called iPad.

    So is it still impossible for Apple to bring out a TV? NO. So let's just wait for new information to come.

    Pls look at post #94. Numbers speak for themselves and they tell me Apple won't get into TV business. Who's going to pay 2k every 2 - 3 years for a TV?

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 15, 05:15 PM
    OSX was not built on UNIX, it is Mach/XNU with a BSD subsystem, it is UNIX-like, much like linux.

    OS X is Unix, it is not Unix-like much like Linux.

    It is the real deal, Unix '03 certified and all. The BSD userland qualifies as genuine Unix and the kernel provides the entire required POSIX syscall interfaces to pass the certification tests :

    So yes, in a sense, OS X is built on top of Unix, NeXT's implementation of it which happens to use a Berkeley userland and a Carnegie made Mach kernel.

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  • Bonsai1214
    Jan 27, 10:49 AM
    Why? I'd love to buy some Beats headphones. Like the style of it.

    if you buy headphones for the style, you shouldn't be buying pairs that cost three digits.

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  • appleguy123
    Dec 29, 03:53 PM
    How can she afford that?!

    People pay to watch her eat! :eek:

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  • wovel
    Apr 28, 12:46 PM
    That low price sells?

    According to your past posts, selling phones at a low price ($49 in this case) is a sign of desperation, of an attempt to flood the market.

    Heck, that's far cheaper than BOGO sales for other handsets where two people have sign long contracts.

    Or, could it just possibly be that people aren't always swayed just by price? That the device itself could be a major factor?

    Are there any carriers not giving away at least one free Android phone...

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  • shawnce
    Nov 4, 01:21 PM
    Parallels just sucks. Weird on my MacBook Pro and Mac Pro Parallels works great running WinXP Pro. I use it to do heavy development work and testing... it actually runs noticeably faster then my Dell desktop (P4 3GHz).

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  • rorschach
    Aug 16, 02:21 PM
    Dunno if this was posted, but Safari lets you resize text boxes within pages: ( (

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  • TUD
    Apr 13, 07:37 PM
    Who cares! A little too late now, bring on the iPhone 5!

    Apr 26, 05:04 PM
    LOL you didn't even know about the outage until i posted a link. now it was just some tiny network glitch that wasn't the run of the mill ;)

    did i ever say apple's was gonna be the biggest and the baddest? the funny thing is....i use amazon vod all the time on my naw, i'm not really an apple fanboy but thanks for assuming.

    Then what the hell was the point in your little rant?! Your whole argument was based on a rare outage. My original point was that Amazons 10 datacenters will work better than Apples point still stands.

    FYI: I was very aware of the outage. I run a cloud virtualization (Xen based) company built on S3, GoGrid and Rackspace.

    Apr 22, 11:17 AM

    Even if the chip was available, Apple would not use it. They would prefer to have it's customers buy a 3G phone, then have a need/want to buy the 4G in less than 2 years.

    His name is Steve Jobs and he approves of this logic.

    Fearless Leader
    Oct 24, 08:04 AM
    finally apple makes 1gig a standard basic option. 512mb just doesn't make the cut.

    Apr 28, 03:07 AM
    lol. you have a huge boulder on your shoulder.

    I think that has already been established, getting personal when I didn't even quote or made reference to him.

    Apr 29, 04:55 PM
    with Apple it is in AAC that can be converted to MP3, whereas Amazon sells just the MP3.

    Are you saying mp3 cannot be converted to aac? It certainly (and easily) can be done. You can even use iTunes to do it. It isn't the greatest idea as you aren't going to gain any quality and will almost certainly lose quality, but the exact same thing would happen converting aac to mp3.

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