lunes, 16 de mayo de 2011

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  • EricNau
    Apr 14, 02:40 AM
    It's the mythical xMac! :p
    How do you pronounce that? Ex-Mac or Ten-Mac? ;) :D

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  • csjo00
    Oct 25, 02:01 AM
    Minor aesthetics on my car fixed. (Headliner falling out, door handle, cup holders)
    An expresso machine.
    An electric razor.

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  • whooleytoo
    Jul 25, 11:18 AM
    Here's a radical suggestion, very unlikely to be implemented, but maybe interesting.

    The iPod has a screen on the front which displays the controls, but the touch/presence/motion sensitive sensor is on the back. Since the controls are on the back, your view of the screen isn't obscured by your finger tapping on it.

    But how do you see exactly where your fingers are? Simple - the "None Touch" sensor detects where your fingers are, and superimposes a representation of their position on the screen - it's almost like a transparent iPod, where your fingers behind the iPod are shown on the screen in front.


    - your fingers aren't obscuring your view of the screen
    - you're not smudging or scratching the screen by tapping on it.


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  • lordonuthin
    Nov 30, 06:23 PM
    Hey twoodcc, You are putting up a boatload of wu's, 41 for today, that is impressive and loads of points too. When I get home tonight I'm ordering 2 psu's and another windows 7 so I can get all 4 of my gpu's folding.

    I think I will add another 2 gpu's (to make 6) and forget about another whole machine for now, that 12 core mac pro ( are talking about on the front page looks mighty tempting to wait for.

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  • stevegmu
    Jan 29, 11:59 PM
    Apple has great products, but we are going to be experiencing more than a recession. Donald Trump stated that what was going to happen in North America is going to make Russia look like a picnic during world war 2. The CEO of Wall-Street stated two years ago that there will be a world economic crash worse than what happened during the 1930's due to the amount of debt. The European Union Banks stated 1.5 years ago that they were preparing their banks for a world economic collapse. Unfortunately most of us are living the status quo and do not want to acknowledge that our way of life is going to drastically change. Unfortunately even a company as great as Apple will not be able to retain the level of what the stocks are worth even at todays low. My advice is pay of your debts... sell your stocks while you still have money, sell your home and then when the collapse occurs then invest.

    LOL! The market has stabilized, and the worst of the credit 'crisis' is over. The only recession concerns the housing market- which was inflated due to speculation.
    Maybe a little less NPR would do you some good...

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  • Al Coholic
    Apr 28, 10:37 PM
    Steve takes a leave an all hell breaks loose in the "thin" department.

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  • abz1981
    Apr 15, 05:02 PM
    Safari seems even more snappier.

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  • inmotion
    Nov 5, 01:36 PM
    so i decided to try to reinstall windows on vmware this time giving it 1gig of ram to work with.... and surprisingly enough, parallels with 512mb of ram still felt smoother and snappier....
    i hope that vmware reads these :rolleyes:
    cuz i decided to uninstall vmware and stick with parallels for now... the latest build runs really really well for me

    ps: i also note that not a lot of people on the forum seem interested in this topic... (and instead go for threads like RUMOR! C2D MACBOOK, NEXT TUESDAY (OR THE ONE AFTER, OR AFTER! :D )

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  • leekohler
    Feb 28, 01:52 PM
    I'm not saying that I don't think he's abusing some serious drugs, but I think he has more control over what he's doing/saying than we think.

    Very doubtful. He sounds like my ex boyfriend who would call me at 4:30 in the morning to tell me that we need to get back together because he's out of rehab now, all while slurring his speech. He's got more wrong with him than substance abuse.

    It is sad, but he is just having a total mental meltdown. He is clearly delusional if he believes any of the crap he has been spewing lately.

    Oh yeah. And if he thinks he's going to get $3 million an episode, I've got some nice property in Florida real cheap. He's on the fast track to the gutter.

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  • amarcus
    Mar 31, 11:53 AM

    Ugh, traffic lights on that faux leather backdrop!

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  • mattcube64
    Jan 29, 12:44 AM

    I *just* opened this a few minutes ago. My girlfriend got it for me for my birthday. I absolutely love it... wanted one for a while. :)

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  • dr_lha
    Oct 18, 08:02 PM
    Those numbers are sweet but I would like to see a breakdown of each model. Also the market worldwide if im not mistaken is growing at what 10% a year yet Apples desk tops grew at 4%? If so why?
    Is the 10% growth in the desktop market? I thought 10% was for the PC market as a whole. In which case Apple's overall growth is above that.

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  • Apple OC
    Apr 24, 07:15 PM
    the fact is nobody knows the facts ... it could have been a Man trying to disguise himself as a Woman to gain access to the Woman's washroom.

    maybe he was not a transgender and was a threat to young girls in the bathroom.

    I don't think anybody has all the facts ... he was hardly beaten to the point where this thread is labeled "almost killed"

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  • iphones4evry1
    Sep 30, 07:50 PM
    I guarantee you that Sprint, Tmobile, Verizon, and all of AT&T's other competitors are going to jump on this and make sure it is in every television commercial, print ad, radio commercial, and every other form of possible advertisement. "Do you want to have 30% of all of your calls dropped?..."

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  • gnasher729
    Jul 24, 10:52 AM
    50%? Did you forget how much Macs cost? One of the main reasons Dell has such a huge market share is because they are so cost effective and come with great bundles aimed at the average person. 50% of computer users could never afford a Mac.

    What third world country are you living in, where 50% of computer users could never afford a Mac?

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  • Tanguyvd
    Apr 1, 09:17 AM
    Someone mentioned the Windows 3.1 calendar?

    oh yes, this totally nails it! :D

    i kind of like the new UI, however, i do more like the lay-out
    not so much the torn paper edges and faux-leather...
    i truly hope switching back to "classic" view is still there...

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  • ebow
    Oct 24, 07:55 AM
    We've alreaddy seen threads entitled "Waiting for Santa Rosa" though, I think this will be a never ending cycle under intel. :(

    Intel just needs to start working on a line of chips codenamed Godot now. :rolleyes: :D

    Would anyone happen to know if they changed the case design.

    The apple store is still down�

    The 17 inch looks almost affordable, almost.

    Store's back up now; the case looks exactly the same aside from the additional FW800 port on the 15-inch model.

    The 17-inch model is exactly as affordable as it was, no more, no less (assuming the purchaser's cash/credit situation hasn't changed).

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  • dsnort
    Aug 2, 07:28 AM
    No it is not and I dare you to prove me wrong!

    :confused: :confused: :confused: How old are you?

    The majority of the creative class uses pcs period. Software titles like Autocad, 3d Studio Max, Rhino etc. don’t even exist for the mac.

    Not sure about 3d Studio or Rhino, but pretty sure Autocad is for engineers, not traditionally considered creative because engineering is bound by rules and laws of materials and physics, ( although some can be very original).

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  • Erwin-Br
    Apr 16, 04:39 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Android what a laugh! The OS is Linux which they effectively forked. The SDK is built on a Java work alike, a work a like that has a questionable amount of others people's code in it. On top of that they purchased the company that started out developing the concept of Android.

    Ah. You mean similar as to how Apple purchased NeXT and based OS X on their NeXTSTEP OS?

    Give it up. This has been discussed to death already.

    fail. google didnt make android. and the fact that you used a winking smiley to illustrate your victoryfail makes it all the more sad. :-(

    See above.

    Jul 24, 08:48 PM
    I voted negative on this story. As I was hoping that Apple would concentrate on fixing the sticking scrollbars on the current Mighty Mouses, (or make it easier to open them and clean) before they just made it wireless.

    Also, I'n not a big fan of using batteries in mice. Why not have a wireless mouse that is re-chargable? Or one that you can use wires with if the battery gets low?

    well, is it possible that they have fixed the issues, we don't know, so don't make suppositions.

    Second, if you don't like batteries, go out and buy some lithium-ion AA batteries, they are pretty cheap and work great.

    Apr 13, 02:14 PM
    This is a false rumor. Absolutely no way will this happen.

    First of all Google failed with their TV.

    Second of all, it is much better to have the components separate. You can more easily pass the audio to a home entertainment system for surround sound. With a component built into the TV, you have cables going back in the other direction to the receiver. If audio and video both take the same path there is less change of them getting out of sync.

    Nov 27, 03:44 AM
    8 WUs down, working on 9, and one more to go before I can get into bigadv.......:D

    Does anyone have experience working with GPU2 and ATI cards? I've been playing around with my 4870 GPUs in Windoze and they don't seem to be running any faster then SMP in OSX. I've followed the the ATI GPU install guide on the f@h website i just don't know what I'm supposed to be seeing with regards to productivity.

    Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!

    Jan 30, 03:27 PM
    I just ordered this bag

    I really like that bag! Very nice.

    Just had Five Guys with my brother. No one in my family but me takes him there. It's become our thing :) (

    Apr 14, 07:56 AM
    could be a touch panel iMac...

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