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  • samuel5028
    02-28 03:50 AM
    your father can apply for visitor visa, but there are no guarnatees she will be approved. Even if he is approved and comes to the USA, applying for adjustment of status would be a mistake (entering as tourist while in fact intending to immigrate) and could lead to permanent bar. If he applys and is approved, she can come to visit and return to home country thats the better option.

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  • jaocanada
    07-02 10:52 AM
    Hi Gurus,
    There was a minor RFE on my wife's I-485 (incomplete form I-1485 - a tick mark was missing) on 18 June. Our lawyer received the RFE and forwarded to us (I am not sure if we also are supposed to receive a copy of the RFE directly from USCIS but we did not). We replied to it and the lawyer sent it to USCIS this week such that it would have been received by USCIS on 1 Jul 09(Wed). I was expecting to see a status change to something like "Response to request for evidence received, and case processing has resumed". However, the case status changed to "Document mailed to applicant".
    I am puzzled with this. Does anyone have a similar experience? Any guess what it might be?
    Just getting anxious.


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  • Sneha_2010
    03-16 09:53 AM
    During my last H1 transfer in 2008,LCA was filed for 60k per anum.LCA was filed in as work location Lanham,MD
    Last Year ,my payroll ran for 90k per annum.
    This year , my pay stub is running for 60k per annum. Still my Labor is for 60k only.
    Will this be a problem when I am applying for Labor and at I140 stage in GC process?
    Now If I am applying for H1b Extension,because of this drastic difference of 30k per anum,
    will this be a problem.

    please help me with answering this question.

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  • ajcates
    03-11 12:27 AM
    I can't figure it out.


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  • shaji_p_j
    08-05 01:26 AM
    I am on H1B and my wife is in H4 here. She is a nurse and can apply for the AOS before Aug 17 .But she does not have all certificate that makes her AOS approved at this time. We hope that we can obtain the certificate (Visa Screen certificate) by the time the RFE comes. But it is a 50-50 chance only. So what could be the best option for us and consequences of each.
    My case (h1B)
    1. I also apply for AOS with her so that I can get aGC along with her but do not use the EAD .
    2. I apply for the AOS later but before her AOS approved.
    My wife case (h4)
    1. Apply for the AOS but do not use EAD
    2. Apply AOS and use EAD.
    Also do you know around when the USCIS issues RFE once the application is recieved?
    I really appreciate your advice in this.

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  • desi3933
    06-18 03:17 PM

    If the labor from BEC gets approved and subsequent I140 as well, is it possible to request only the priority date change for the I485?

    Not refering to replace the I140. IS IT POSSIBLE TO JUST REQUEST THE PRIORITY DATE?


    Please check and verify details with your attorney/lawyer. This is NOT a legal advice.

    Permanent Resident since May 2002


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    07-17 11:53 PM
    Thanks for the link.

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  • texas_niw
    06-20 12:15 PM
    I have filed two different I-140s for EB2-NIW (NSC, Nov 06)) and EB1-EA (TSC, march07). Both are pending at the moment. I wish to apply for I-485 now as the visa numbers are current in both categories.
    I will appreciate if some one could advise if I can go ahead with the filing with pending I-140s. Also in that case can I file a single I-485 now and just ask it to be linked to whichever I-140 is approved first. will this work?
    In this case whcih 140 number should I mention in my application and whcih center should I send the application to?



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  • aim-high
    08-14 08:48 AM
    I have currently applied for GC under EB3. Got a new job offer in a different state and planning to take up the new job offer. For AC-21, what are the docs/forms required ?
    Do I have to do anything special because I am moving to a different state ?

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  • gman
    09-18 05:20 PM
    I am on h1-b since Oct 1, 2004. I am EB3-ROW (Rest of World). My company has filed I-140 in June 2006 and it has not been approved yet. How soon would I be able to change jobs? I'm about to finish my master's degree and am hoping to get a job that falls in either eb-2 or eb3 category. How will this impact the ability to keep my i-140. Would i have to start from scratch with my new employer if i find a new job?

    Also what is considered my priority date since I havent/cant file an i-485 yet.



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  • Kaianna
    08-09 01:37 PM
    Due to the big mess of July visa bulliten. Can I file multiple 485 cases to secure that one of my AOS case is accepted? Since once it is rejected due to improper filing, the next visa bulliten would be back to 2006 or 2005.
    My situation is:

    First I-485 case: I can file I-485 as principle applicant, and my spouse can file as dependent
    plan to submit at the end of this week (Aug 11, 07).

    Sencond I-485 case: My spouse can file as principle applicant based on his I-140, and I can file as dependent, plan to submit before Aug 17, 2007, with cover letter stating:
    If the first AOS case based on xxx's I-140 is accepted, please withdraw the second AOS case based on YYY's I-140.

    Is it doable? any potential issue? Thank you very much for your comments and advise. Urgent!!!

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  • mallu
    07-24 04:12 PM
    If we lose our job after having the I-485 pending for more than 8 months, I-140 approved, how much time do we have to find another job?

    Do we have to immediately withdraw the petition after losing/quiting a job?


    The advice i got is that you should be in a new job ( and notified USCIS about usage of AC21 ) before,

    1. The I-485 is approved
    2. Any RFE directed to the old employer

    I don't think one needs to withdraw application.


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  • anilsal
    08-30 04:38 PM

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  • chidurala
    07-28 08:13 AM
    my husband's GC has been approved.
    so how long will it take me to get the green card ??

    thank u in advance


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  • 131313
    August 29th, 2005, 08:05 PM
    Billy Joe Armstrong is a man of endless expressions, is he not?

    Nice work!!

    RFE on EAD [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : RFE on EAD

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  • gclongwaytogo
    10-12 04:40 PM
    why they cant? can you please let us know.


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  • Blog Feeds
    01-21 08:30 AM
    I am a strong supporter of Comprehensive Immigraton Reform (CIR). I have been on both sides of the fence. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, I was an attorney for the Immigration and Naturalization Service. I spent a couple of years representing the government in deportation proceedings, often conducted in Federal prisons. Are there people in the U.S. who should be deported? Absolutely! I have no regrets. But even while serving as an INS Attorney, I fully realized that the man that I deported on Friday afternoon would be back in the U.S., working at his job to feed...

    More... (

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  • TUnlimited
    10-31 05:23 PM
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    Happy Halloween, dude!

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  • ashrock11
    07-31 09:32 PM
    New filing fees were applicable from 7/30. Do all applications(485/131/765) whose PD is current need to filed with the new fees starting from 7/30? Or till 8/17 it can be filed with the old fees?


    12-17 12:15 PM
    We need to have prominent members of the society to take up our cause

    07-19 08:23 PM

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