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    02-15 09:20 PM
    British-born Stan Brock is the founder of Remote Area Medical (RAM), a non-profit health care company that has helped organize volunteer physicians, eye doctors, dentists and support staff to set up weekend-long events in large venues that offer vital health care services to the poor and uninsured. RAM has hosted 581 events and treated more than 500,000 people with the volunteer services of 45,000 health care professionals. According to Business TN Magazine: RAM is largely supported by small donations, and volunteers pay their own travel, lodging and food expenses. While many patients seen at these events are local, it's not...

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  • gc_chahiye
    09-20 05:31 AM
    I am working for a MNC and I got L1 visa stamped. After marriage I got my H4 visa stamped.(After L1 stamping) But the Visa officials have not marked the L1 visa cancelled in the passport, does it mean that the Visa is still valid? Does that mean that i can still travel on my L1 visa?

    If your L1 petition is still valid (not withdrawn by employer) and you intend to work for that employer (ie. fullfill all other L1 requirements) then yes, you can still travel on L1 and maintain L1 status in the US.

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  • royus77
    07-05 08:53 AM
    Can we close all the thread ..its becoming tough to track the issues. Right now we need 3 thread only to cover the July fiasco , June trackers and misc. contributions and media drives and IV core announcements will be there always

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  • prince_waiting
    09-02 10:52 AM
    Fellow IVians,

    We need to contact the campaigns of Senator Obama and Senator McCain and apprise them of our core issue. We all know that some relief bills are on the House's agenda but then given the actual time the Congress is going to be doing any legislative business, it is time to be prepared for the next presidency.

    We can convey to both the campaigns that we are a 25000 strong �High Skilled Immigrants� advocacy group and can donate/campaign/put forward their case for them in this election.

    A formal open letter to both the campaigns can be send as a start and then liaisons for immigration purposes can be contacted demanding their position about our issue.

    I know that there is a stray mention of immigration related issues on the official website of both campaigns but if we can eke out something concrete regarding policy change and its implementation within a certain time frame after the elections it would be very helpful for our cause.


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  • Administrator2
    10-16 07:35 PM
    IV website service provider has informed that they will be installing new hardware on the core switches that are used by IV servers. As such there is a scheduled down time of up to an hour which will occur on October 24, 2008, sometime between 12 AM CST and 6 AM CST.

    As such access to IV website may be intermittently interrupted during this window on 10/24/2008.

    Thanks for your understanding,

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  • vrkgali
    06-19 03:15 PM
    Hi Gurus

    My I-140 petition was denied 2 months back and My attorney is trying to re apply for it. In the mean while there is a query on the company it self and our attorney is working hard to get it cleared.

    In the mean while I am thinking about switch the employer.

    I am in 8 th year extension and My VIsa is valid until jan 2008.

    1.Assuming some comany offered me to apply for I140 and 485 and join that the company, what will happen If I140 has not been cleared before Jan 2008?.

    2.What are the pros and cons I should think about when I switch the company.?

    Thanks in advanse ..


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  • xtronics
    10-26 02:16 PM
    My wife's H4 was recently approved along with my H1. We both have different last names. My name is misspelled, an "a" missing and her middle initial is also different. What can I do to get a corrected H4? Can I go to local immigration office or something? My lawyer contacted the USCIS and they said they will respond in 45 days. They don't even guarantee that they will correct the approval document.
    Please let me know
    Thank you so much for your help

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  • kevinkris
    07-09 09:08 PM

    My employer filed for I-140 and I-485 last year July. My I-140 got approved with a labor converted from RIR.

    I want to know the priority date in the approved I-140. But the employer is not giving me copy of I-140. I called USCIS and they say they cannot give the information to be.

    How do i get my priority date now?

    I have I-140 and I-485 receipt numbers.

    Can you find it thru I-485 receipt number?

    Thanks for the answers.


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    08-03 12:50 PM
    A Federal Judge has certified a nationwide class in a challenge to the USCIS's restrictive interpretation of the "automatic conversion" clause in the Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) of 2002. This opens the way for children who have "aged-out" to be reunited with their parents. The USCIS has resisted implementing this important section of law for the past seven years. Just a few weeks ago, the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), in Matter of Wang, adopted the government's restrictive interpretation of the automatic conversion clause. On July 16, Federal Judge James Selna (Central District, California), over government objections, made his...

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  • meg_z
    03-27 08:35 AM
    Many of us have had a positive reaction to the TB skin test. So we take an X-ray to confirm we are fine and the doctor mark normal in the chest X-ray section. Pretty routinely done.

    Now my spouse had a negative TB skin test, so no X-ray needed. However the physician and my attorney have different views on how to fill out the chest X-ray section of the form. The physician checked nothing in the section and is very adamant about the way he fills out the form. My attorney believes that the NOT DONE box in the section should be checked as he claims that he has seen REFs if the NOT DONE box is not checked. What is your opinion? Appreciate your feedback. Thanks.


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    02-25 07:20 PM
    The Governator makes a good case for doing immigration reform this year. Go to about 6:35 in the interview with Greta Van Susteren to hear his comments on the subject.

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  • Macaca
    02-17 04:49 PM
    From Tying It All Together: Learn about the Legislative Process (

    The chief function of Congress is the making of laws. The legislative process comprises a number of steps. A very brief overview of the legislative process within the House of Representatives is presented below. There are many aspects and variations of the process which are not addressed here. A much more in-depth discussion and presentation of the overall process is available in How Our Laws Are Made ( Most of the information presented below was excerpted from that Congressional document.

    Forms of Congressional Action
    The work of Congress is initiated by the introduction of a proposal in one of four principal forms: the bill, the joint resolution, the concurrent resolution, and the simple resolution.

    A bill is the form used for most legislation, whether permanent or temporary, general or special, public or private. A bill originating in the House of Representatives is designated by the letters "H.R.", signifying "House of Representatives", followed by a number that it retains throughout all its parliamentary stages. Bills are presented to the President for action when approved in identical form by both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

    Joint Resolutions
    Joint resolutions may originate either in the House of Representatives or in the Senate. There is little practical difference between a bill and a joint resolution. Both are subject to the same procedure, except for a joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution. On approval of such a resolution by two-thirds of both the House and Senate, it is sent directly to the Administrator of General Services for submission to the individual states for ratification. It is not presented to the President for approval. A joint resolution originating in the House of Representatives is designated "H.J.Res." followed by its individual number. Joint resolutions become law in the same manner as bills.

    Concurrent Resolutions
    Matters affecting the operations of both the House of Representatives and Senate are usually initiated by means of concurrent resolutions. A concurrent resolution originating in the House of Representatives is designated "H.Con.Res." followed by its individual number. On approval by both the House of Representatives and Senate, they are signed by the Clerk of the House and the Secretary of the Senate. They are not presented to the President for action.

    Simple Resolutions
    A matter concerning the operation of either the House of Representatives or Senate alone is initiated by a simple resolution. A resolution affecting the House of Representatives is designated "H.Res." followed by its number. They are not presented to the President for action.

    For more information on bills and resolutions see Forms of Congressional Action ( in How Our Laws Are Made.

    Introduction and Referral to Committee
    Any Member in the House of Representatives may introduce a bill at any time while the House is in session by simply placing it in the "hopper" provided for the purpose at the side of the Clerk's desk in the House Chamber. The sponsor's signature must appear on the bill. A public bill may have an unlimited number of co-sponsoring Members. The bill is assigned its legislative number by the Clerk and referred to the appropriate committee by the Speaker, with the assistance of the Parliamentarian. The bill is then printed in its introduced form, which you can read in Bill Text ( If a bill was introduced today, summary information about it can be found in Bill Status Today (

    An important phase of the legislative process is the action taken by committees. It is during committee action that the most intense consideration is given to the proposed measures; this is also the time when the people are given their opportunity to be heard. Each piece of legislation is referred to the committee that has jurisdiction over the area affected by the measure.

    For more information on this step of the legislative process see Introduction and Reference to Committee ( of How Our Laws Are Made.

    Consideration by Committee
    Public Hearings and Markup Sessions
    Usually the first step in this process is a public hearing, where the committee members hear witnesses representing various viewpoints on the measure. Each committee makes public the date, place and subject of any hearing it conducts. The Committee Meetings ( scheduled for today are available along with other House Schedules ( Public announcements are also published in the Daily Digest portion of the Congressional Record (

    A transcript of the testimony taken at a hearing is made available for inspection in the committee office, and frequently the complete transcript is printed and distributed by the committee.

    After hearings are completed, the bill is considered in a session that is popularly known as the "mark-up" session. Members of the committee study the viewpoints presented in detail. Amendments may be offered to the bill, and the committee members vote to accept or reject these changes.

    This process can take place at either the subcommittee level or the full committee level, or at both. Hearings and markup sessions are status steps noted in the Legislative Action portion of Bill Status (

    Committee Action
    At the conclusion of deliberation, a vote of committee or subcommittee Members is taken to determine what action to take on the measure. It can be reported, with or without amendment, or tabled, which means no further action on it will occur. If the committee has approved extensive amendments, they may decide to report a new bill incorporating all the amendments. This is known as a "clean bill," which will have a new number. Votes in committee can be found in Committee Votes.

    If the committee votes to report a bill, the Committee Report ( is written. This report describes the purpose and scope of the measure and the reasons for recommended approval. House Report numbers are prefixed with "H.Rpt." and then a number indicating the Congress (currently 107).

    For more information on bills and resolutions see Consideration by Committee ( in How Our Laws Are Made.

    House Floor Consideration
    Consideration of a measure by the full House can be a simple or very complex operation. In general a measure is ready for consideration by the full House after it has been reported by a committee. Under certain circumstances, it may be brought to the Floor directly.

    The consideration of a measure may be governed by a "rule." A rule is itself a simple resolution, which must be passed by the House, that sets out the particulars of debate for a specific bill�how much time will allowed for debate, whether amendments can be offered, and other matters.

    Debate time for a measure is normally divided between proponents and opponents. Each side yields time to those Members who wish to speak on the bill. When amendments are offered, these are also debated and voted upon. If the House is in session today, you can see a summary of Current House Floor Proceedings (

    After all debate is concluded and amendments decided upon, the House is ready to vote on final passage. In some cases, a vote to "recommit" the bill to committee is requested. This is usually an effort by opponents to change some portion or table the measure. If the attempt to recommit fails, a vote on final passage is ordered.

    Resolving Differences
    After a measure passes in the House, it goes to the Senate for consideration. A bill must pass both bodies in the same form before it can be presented to the President for signature into law.

    If the Senate changes the language of the measure, it must return to the House for concurrence or additional changes. This back-and-forth negotiation may occur on the House floor, with the House accepting or rejecting Senate amendments or complete Senate text. Often a conference committee will be appointed with both House and Senate members. This group will resolve the differences in committee and report the identical measure back to both bodies for a vote. Conference committees also issue reports outlining the final version of the bill.

    Final Step
    Votes on final passage, as well as all other votes in the House, may be taken by the electronic voting system which registers each individual Member's response. These votes are referred to as Yea/Nay votes or recorded votes, and are available in House Votes by Bill number, roll call vote number or words describing the reason for the vote.

    Votes in the House may also be by voice vote, and no record of individual responses is available.

    After a measure has been passed in identical form by both the House and Senate, it is considered "enrolled." It is sent to the President who may sign the measure into law, veto it and return it to Congress, let it become law without signature, or at the end of a session, pocket-veto it.


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  • chanduv23
    10-04 07:07 PM
    Tri State has a volunteer Mr Mukund who has dedicated his time and efforts in developing this portal

    This will be the focal point for information and activities in the Tri State Area.

    Tri State members, please add a link to this site to your signature.

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  • vijju123
    03-21 05:52 PM
    Hi All,

    Just wanted to share this information with everyone so people around the same petition date can be hopeful of getting their 140 approved soon.
    My I-140 got approved yesterday through NSC. Petition was filed on 4/1/2008. I am in EB-3 category.

    Thank you,


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  • StuckInTheMuck
    07-11 10:28 AM
    There are multiple threads on this topic running already.

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  • roseball
    07-11 12:57 PM
    Do note that AILF does cover people who were eligible to file in July but did not file due to USCIS/DOS revised bulletin.....However, it is unknown at this time what the outcome of the lawsuit would be for July applicants vs eligible but non-applicants as the decision is at the discretion of the Judge.....

    IMHO, its better to file and get rejected......


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  • Jaime
    04-13 04:31 PM
    Good points, I hope the nativists read this
    More H-1Bs and More high skilled foreigners will not only revive the economy, they will create more jobs for the currently unemployed Americans.

    Let those who spread the false rumors that high-skilled foreigners "will work for less" that their lies are only hurting their own children and grand children. Whereas more high-skilled immigrants will ensure those children and grandchildren of nativists and of all Americans can also have an American dream, just like their parents did. If nativists were to kick us out then the new generations can kiss the American dream goodbye.

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  • WeShallOvercome
    07-25 06:21 PM
    how about those who were pending when filed I-485 but approved by now..
    like mine.. I-485 filed on 7/2. I-140 approved on 7/18

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  • ras
    04-22 12:04 PM
    There was a thread couple of days back asking members to contact their attorneys to answer IV member questions. I have contacted and few of them are willing to answer the questions on IV. Can some one point me to that thread..

    Also they want to know how the whole system works.

    07-17 12:19 PM
    I am surprised at how much information / misleading information spreading around.

    Lets gauge how people perceive IV role in the outcome, that tells a lot.

    06-15 01:35 PM
    Any Help Or Suggestions??

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