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  • Steven-T
    February 25th, 2004, 01:52 PM
    It's just down the road. Does anyone think they'll give me a tour (on assignment from and allow me to photograph the joint with a 1D and 1Ds...
    I think this is just the assembly plant. Is most of the parts from Taiwan?

    I can offer an even exchange of my F2AS and F5 with your 1D and 1Ds. Someone is talking.


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  • NKS1212
    06-01 01:30 PM
    What is the safest condition of leaving GC processing company and joining new company, if I have EAD and approved 1-140?


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  • nmedhora
    04-10 12:48 PM
    I left the U.S on October 30 2009. My L.C. [Perm] had been filed on July 30 2009 and was recently approved.
    My 6 year H1B expired on Feb 2 2010, with approximately 160 days available for recapture.
    My company needs me to return to the US urgently and is wanting me to apply for a Business Visa.
    Subsequently when I am in the U.S, they intend to file for I140 and then 7th year H1B extension plus recapture
    time based on pending I140
    Is this feasible? -- What impact would it have on my green card application process?

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  • indiausgcholder
    02-21 11:02 PM

    I'm GC holder and i've applied for reentry permit and the validity is 2 yrs.
    I've been living in INDIA for the past 10 months and now i want to go back to US.
    I'd been filing my taxes and all but was not working for any US company for the past 10 months.
    Will there be any issues at the POE when i return to US?..Usually POE officer asks the questions like where do you work and what was the reason you went to INDIA..

    Is it Ok to tell the officer that i'm not working?

    Please share your thoughts

    Thanks in advance


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  • akkakarla
    07-17 11:39 AM
    Hello Folks:

    Sorry for this new thread. But I need help in interpreting the information that I got when I went to Local Office.

    My I485 is in Locak Office and it was transferred to the San Jose office after we had our interview in Boston back in October 2005.

    When I spoke with the officer (not IO) he said that quote:

    " Priority Date
    AUA 1 or / 7/1/07
    I 485 Forward to 245 Unit "

    What does this mean? Can you guys help me understand what he is trying to say. I mentioned that we are already interviewed.

    Thanks in Advance

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  • manusingh
    09-24 11:46 PM
    I used Ap in 2007 and than I filed H-1B extension 6 month prior to my H-1B expiring in sept 2008. which was approved with the sameI-94 as on parolee status.

    I want to use AP again, is there any problem.

    Has anybody done that.
    appreciate your help in advance.


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  • jamesingham
    05-25 10:25 AM
    IV Members,

    I am not able to figure out if this new Merit Based System (if implemented is good or bad for us)

    If the guys who already have made some progress using the existing system are asked to re-apply under this new merit based system, it is going to be bad for them, because they have to go through the entire process again.

    What about people like me, who are new commers to US ?

    If I apply under the new merit based systems, am I automatically subjected to backlog, because people who applied for GC under the previous system have not yet gotten their GCs, or this new merit based system will have its own quote ?

    Can anyone explain ?

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  • sweetiepie
    06-05 07:09 PM
    When I entered USA on L2 dependent spouse visa,my passport was expiring on 15 Sept 2008 and hence my I-94 got departure date as 15 sept 2008. After that i applied for an L2-EAD with the old passport and I-94 (both having expiry date as 15-sept-08)and hence i got the L2-EAD which also expires on 14-sept 2008.
    Now I have renwed my passport which is valid upto 2018 and want my EAD to be renewed.
    Can someone tell me L2 EAD expiry date depends on I-94 records or does it depend on my spouses L1 or on my new passport expiry date...or may be out of all these which ever expires first....??

    Is it necessary for me to update my I-94 before I apply for renewal of my EAD,does it affect the expiry date of my EAD?


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  • gonecrazyonh4
    05-18 04:11 PM
    I have 2 clarifications

    a)Anyone has a clue on what an Employment Development department letter means? Is this the same as the 45 day acknowledgement letter from DOL?

    b) In the absence of an 45 day acknowledgment letter from DOL, how else can we get a confirmation that our case has been filed with DOL. As per our company Attorney DOL is not issuing the 45 day letter. Can I ask for a screen shot. I saw some threads on that.. How do I ask for a screen shot of my case ? Any specific procedure? What is the response time for receving the screen shot? Do you need to specify a reason for asking screen shot?

    Anyone who has done this ,can you please help

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  • parag_a2z
    12-19 02:30 AM
    Hi All,
    I have H1B stamped from company A which is valid untill Oct 2008. I am planning to go to India in Jan on my new transferred H1B from company B.

    Do I have to take an appointment in India for getting my new H1 stamped? Or can i just show my new approved H1B from company B on my port of entry in US, when I come back?


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  • anishNewbie
    09-09 12:15 PM
    Hello every1,

    A SVP of 7 equals 2-4 years of education/training or experience (A job zone of 4 is treated as an SVP of 7.0 < 8.0).
    A SVP of 8 equals 4-10 years of education/training or experience (A job zone of 5 is treated as an SVP of 8 & above).

    A MS Degree is calculated as equal to a BS +2 or 4 years experience and no education.

    NOW, BS + 5 / MS + 0 -- Minimum qualification for EB2..
    So now a person working in Job Zone 4, which requires minimum of BS + (2-4) experience would get an entry level job at OES Level Wage 1.

    So Can we conclude from this that a job which falls under job zone 4 which needs to applied for EB2(basically raise SVP to 8) would have a minimum OES Level 2 wage ????

    Thank you...

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  • kalkix
    08-10 09:26 PM


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  • kirupa
    05-10 03:22 PM
    Your post is extremely scarce on details :) What exactly are you trying to do?

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  • sandyhu2
    06-04 12:34 PM
    thanks !


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  • eastindia
    04-20 01:39 PM
    Can any attorneys help us?

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  • mango123
    04-16 10:38 AM
    How Does USCIS check how long you are with your employer after GC ?
    if they check pay checks during Naturalization Interview ?

    Any Naturalized members here ,could you post your Interview experience


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  • piyushpan
    02-24 07:12 PM
    I wanted to know if we can transfer an approved H1 while on OPT?

    For ex Company A applies for my H1 and gets approved in May 2007 although it applies fromOct 2007. Now i get an offer from Company B before Oct 2007 say in July 2007. Can i transfer my H1 even though it starts from Oct 2007?

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  • immiinfo
    11-25 10:56 PM

    I'm a long time silent follower of these forums. I've been thru most of the ups and downs of the immigration journey, and I am now on the final stage of the green card waiting for my PD to be current.

    Something rather curious happened to me that I would like to share with you. I recently applied for my first EAD, about a full year and a half after I filed for my I-485. My e-application and consequently the receipt date is Nov 3rd, 2008. I got my biometrics notice in the mail on Nov 14th, for an appointment date of tomorrow, Nov 26th.

    The oddity starts here, I just went to check my mail, and I am already approved for my EAD, and the card production has been ordered.

    Is this something that happens frequently? Has it ever happened to anyone else before? I will be showing up to my appointment tomorrow anyway just in case...


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  • sachin1sharma
    10-29 08:59 PM

    I have a question about H1B transfer. I joined a company A on h1b in may 2005 and did an H1B transfer on july 2006 to company B. Now INS has sent an RFE (for company B financial). I have submitted all the relevant documents when I joined company B for H1B transfer so my credentials are crystal clear. Now when the comhpany B sends a response to INS and if H1B does not get approved. Would I be able to do an H1B transfer to any other company. I spoke to one company they are saying that since the RFE is on the company's credibility so they can do an transfer provided if we submit all the paystubs which we got from company B. I have been working for a client and have all the recent paystubs. Please advice.


    12-10 02:39 PM
    HI ,

    Someone told me that I-140 have to be applied 45 days from PERM approval ? Otherwise PERM will get cancelled. Is that true. Can anyone help here.


    09-12 07:29 PM

    I got my I-140 Approved (EB3 - Jan 2004) with Company A. Can i use the approval notice and get my H1B extended for 3 years from a different company ? Please advice as this will help me a lot.

    Thanks in advance:confused::rolleyes:
    - Head2GC

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