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older mens hairstyles

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  • invincibleasian
    01-12 07:26 PM
    Your H1b will be cancelled without prejudice. You can have only 1 typeof visa stamped on your passport

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  • raj3078
    08-08 06:42 PM
    Wrong forum. We dont hold any expertize in issues related illegal immigration. You would need expert Lawyers help. Goodluck to you

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  • braindead10
    08-10 11:09 AM
    Any suggestions?

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  • sunny1000
    08-06 01:35 PM
    Read this below pdf


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  • john2255
    07-20 02:32 PM
    I am sorry to start a new thread but I feel the following thread is not getting the importance it should get. Everyone please dont miss the following thread. Its a big defeat during our celebrations.

    Major loss to us Cornyn amendment rejected

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  • watzgc
    09-18 04:36 PM
    what type of cases, you meant ?

    I can't help but notice that about 1/4 of recently processed audit cases were denied. As it goes now, I'll have to wait about another 6 month for a 75% chance to pass. Well for where the economy is headed right now it all probably won't matter anymore in 6 months.


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  • GCNaseeb
    08-31 11:25 PM
    Just came across this map, while booking my hotel.

    Its really Cool Map. Just type in Washington Monument or Whitehouse as your destination point and click Go. Now your destination is selected. Now un-check (or check) and then check each hotel listed on left, one by one. You will know how far is your hotel located from Monument or Whitehouse. Is it not cool?

    PS: Sorry, if you already know this!

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  • rbharol
    08-21 03:53 PM


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  • kirupa
    11-02 06:53 AM
    Another more circuitous method if you want to make the entire object transparent is to import the movie into a movie clip inside Flash. You can use Flash's Alpha slider to adjust the alpha of the movie clip and adjust the quality that way.

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  • abhijitp
    01-14 07:37 PM
    Texas fellas :

    Please sign up on this thread to volunteer for this Saturday's Booth in Richardson for getting maximum local visibility for IV letter campaign.

    Your hard work will be rewarded with some goodies!

    TX is clearly doing better than both CA chapters... come on Californians, we need to rise to the occasion:)

    Great job as usual, needhelp!


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  • joeshmoe
    08-30 06:19 PM
    Mine and my wife's 485 must have been "touched" today ... not sure why though. The status still says "Case received and pending..."

    Any ideas fellow members? Could it be good sign or just standard update...?

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    06-24 11:45 AM
    Hi ,
    I am going to tgransfer my H1 b with new employer .
    My employer is going for normal processing and I asked him for premium processing as my project is going to end by Aug 2009 . Then My employer informed me that there are lot of RFEs for premium processing . Is it true ?
    Please suggest whether I should go for premium or not ?


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  • greatzolin
    08-24 03:37 PM can visit the forums to gestimate when people who filed around your date are getting RN,

    ...but by the way things are, who knows what USCIS will do next!!

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  • Blog Feeds
    12-10 05:20 PM
    The Center for American Progress has released a report that urges an end to the "arbitrary restrictions" on H-1B visas and replacing the 65,000 quota with a market-based system where numbers rise in a strong economy and drop in a weak one. The report also recommends stronger enforcement mechanisms to prevent fraud and abuse.

    More... (


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  • Munna Bhai
    06-20 09:06 AM
    Can I use instead of flcdatacenter to determine the prevailing wage? Will immigration officer accept this source? Thanks

    No, is not the right source, infact it may be higher too. Flcdatacenter is the correct one for prevailing wage.

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  • wandmaker
    11-16 02:03 AM
    Her status is H1 from Oct 1, 2007 and H4 is invalid.


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  • cptbaseball
    11-12 01:30 AM
    My lawyer just told me, that Canadian citizens have the privilege to get H-4 stamped at the border & do not need to go the US consulates in Canada. Just wanted to ask that if this true and if someone has been through it.

    Are there specific Land Borders where stamping can be done? or does it works at every Border post?

    Is there a border post in the Minnesota or North Dakota area where this can be done? My wife lives in a small town in Manitoba.

    Does she have to take all her pictures or will they take picture there for the visa? & what else would we need? non-immigrant forms etc. Any experiences?? I know they will need my H-1 Petition copy, pay stubs, marriage certificate, pictures of marriage etc.

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  • pansworld
    07-09 09:44 PM
    Greeting Cards :p

    Now that we have media attention with USCIS we should start letting Congress know of our plight too. Vice President who I think is the chair of the senate and Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker.:D

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  • cbpds
    05-21 02:40 PM
    Still waiting for a response, this is urgent situation for me,please reply

    Thanks in advance

    11-29 11:42 PM
    My wife's Advanced Parole document has wrong date of birth. Her EAD card too had wrong DOB; we have sent it back to USCIS. She's planning to visit India next month. She has a valid H4 visa stamp.

    Is it ok for her to travel to India? Do you see any issues while coming back.


    Blog Feeds
    06-19 01:30 PM
    With all of the publicity recently received in the cases of the abortion clinic and Holocaust museum slayings, I'm surprised that this crime has not been getting a lot of publicity: An outspoken anti-immigration activist who was at the center of a series of violent crimes in Everett earlier this year now stands accused of the home-invasion killings of an Arizona man and his 9-year-old daughter. Shawna Forde, 41, and two associates in her Minuteman American Defense group are charged with two counts of first-degree murder, one count of first-degree burglary and one count of aggravated assault, according to the...

    More... (

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