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  • lavanya_7
    05-14 06:21 AM
    I got my H1-B visa on June 29, 2005 , I came to india on Jan 2009 . From Jan 2009 till now I have been staying in India , bcoz I was taking care of my new born daughter, now she is grown up and now I am planning to start working in US. Right now I got my H4 visa .

    I came to know from someone that H1-B filing for this year was over in Jan 2011, so if I need to file a new H1-b , I have to file now and I will be eligible to work after Oct 1 this year. Is it true ? Is it not possible that a company files for a new H1-B under premium processing and I start working after 2 weeks of filing ? I don't want to wait that long(Oct 1) to work , I have few oppurinities coming up where I may get selected.

    I have stayed in india from Jan 2009 till APril 2011. Now I am on H4 visa in US. Can I get a extension of my previous H1-B visa filed on June 2005?
    I want to work ASAP.

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  • Blog Feeds
    12-10 05:20 PM
    Eleven people arrested in a scheme that raked in an estimated $50,000,000. Here are details from the LA Times: Authorities arrested 11 people Monday in an alleged U.S. work-visa scam that raked in more than $50 million from thousands of Brazilians since 2002. Some of those scammed went to the U.S. and wound up as illegal aliens because promised jobs didn't exist. Brazilians seeking temporary working visas were charged up to $15,000 each in what a statement from the U.S. Consulate called one of the largest cases of U.S. visa fraud ever. Similar schemes were uncovered in Russia, the Dominican...

    More... (

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  • pgc10
    02-21 02:38 PM
    I have had my own house even before I-140 was filed. :)

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  • loudobbs
    08-29 12:23 PM
    My attorneys screwed up and filed my I140 under the wrong category. (EB3 instead of EB2). They refiled PP but without the original Labor cert attached. My PP application is not approved yet.

    I called a couple of weeks ago and they told me they wont do PP because the original labor cert was not attached.

    I Emailed them yesterday and this is their reply:

    'This petition has been assigned to an officer,but no decision has been made.'

    Does this mean anything? meaning is it close to being approved??

    Thanks much!!


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  • kondalarv
    03-20 01:20 PM
    My wife is laid off and her company is going to cancel her H1B soon. h1 petition is getting expired on Oct,2009. now I am going to apply for COS to h4. If she wants get H1 status after one year can she use the same petition for H1 transfer?. or she has to apply a new H1?.
    Can you please help me.

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  • haqwin
    11-22 04:48 AM
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  • anilsal
    11-29 12:40 AM
    only for 2 months. You should ask a friend to monitor your mail. Sometimes USCIS just sends FP requests out of the blue. At least you will be able to call and reschedule the FP.

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  • No_GC_Yet
    07-25 10:17 AM
    I got it recently from TSC, took almost 3 months.

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    I guess, this time I have to wait for 3 months.


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  • tanyatanya
    08-07 09:46 PM

    I am currently on H3 visa. My 2-yr term is coming to an end. My company had initially told me that they would find me a job internally and then relocate me to another location outside of the US after my training ends.

    However, the company has not been able to find me anything in other regions, which essentially means I will be laid off. I want to know if the company is liable to pay me severance / air tickets back to my home country??

    My employer is currently saying that they are not responsible for my airfare. That provision is only for H1B's. However, if the intent of H3 visa was to bring me for training and transfer me so that I could use that knowledge somewhere else. Even in the H-3 filing papers my company stated that their intent was to provide me employment in other regions after the end of the training. I don't understand how can they leave me stranded. They should be liable for something (severance, airfare)??

    Please reply if you have any advice.

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  • smartboy75
    08-26 11:03 PM
    I know sucks ....I have already created a thread for that ...check it out...


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  • vaib.shah1
    11-28 07:22 PM
    Do we (parent) gets any benefits in terms of Visa status if you have child born in USA and you stay in US for certain years?

    In the other word:
    Once you have child born in USA is there any way to get green card based on your child citizenship?

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  • njdude26
    07-03 08:43 AM
    My wife was working for a company before. They had filed for her GC. She has an approved I140. She had to convert to H4 because of some legal reasons and could not continue to work for the company. Now she has a valid H4.

    She has already been here 7 years on her old H1. Now can she file for a H4-H1 and get a 3 year visa based on an approved 140 ?

    The lawyer says that the 3 year extension rule just states that H can be continued beyond 6 years based on approved 140 and so she can go back to a H1...

    Anyone here has had a similiar experience ?


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  • snathan
    01-29 10:42 PM
    How do i file extension for H1b h1b expires tomorrow..can i do it online...this is the first extension... are the man. What were you doing till the last min. I am not sure how you can do that. But from day after tomorrow, you are simply out of status. Contact your company's attorney ASAP. It will take aleast ten days to prepare the papers. My opinion is don�t screw up trying to file yourself. Because you are running out of time...

    Or are you just kidding us for time pass :mad:

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  • cmozla
    06-29 03:29 PM
    My case: NIW 140 approved, PD 2006/10, now 485 pending. But I am leaving USA to another country for a permanent job. I am not sure if I should withdraw the 485 or just convert it to CP.
    1. Will it be possible for me to get the green card thru CP if I get interviewed and can't show any ties with USA? Can I enter USA during CP? I hope to have green card in case I don't like my new job and come back to US someday. But I may just cancel 485 in order to affect the least my future visiting visa application. Suggestions?

    2. I am on H1 now, but H1 will expire 1 month before I leave USA. So I understand that I can stay legally on AOS for the one month, true? Do I need to do anything for switching from H1 to AOS? Again, I need to come back to USA for business/visiting, so I want to do everything right not to harm my future non-immigrant visa application.

    Thanks a lot for your inputs!


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  • subba
    04-12 08:23 PM
    I sent you a PM with some info.
    Hope you find it useful.


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  • Raj Iyer
    09-13 12:18 PM
    My responses are below:

    My question:
    1) Shall I disclose the arrest to the attorney ? I am concern that it may backfire as I said "NO" for arrest in the background check forms etc.

    You Should say "YES" and produce all the court records.

    2) Can I travel & enter US without any issues ? Do I need to carry the expungement letter with me all times entering US?

    I would advise not to travel unless you get an attorney to review all your documents and get a confirmation that you are not subjected to any bar under Sec 212 of the INA.

    3) Does my arrest go to FBI ? Will I be asked for interview when my PD becomes current ?

    You could called in for an interview. But there shouldn't be any problem once you have all the records.

    4) What should I beware ?


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  • iwantmygreen
    06-02 01:52 PM
    does anyone know how long is Nebraska Service Center taking for EAD approval.

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  • kisana
    04-01 08:13 AM
    I am waiting for response, please let me kno if this is not a right forum to ask this question.

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  • ElusiveCard
    12-14 05:17 PM
    1) I am in USA on H1B.
    2) I have accepted an offer to join companyA in January '07. They have filed for the H1B transfer a few days back. And I have resigned from my current employer.
    3) Now another companyB has agreed to acquire companyA, and they will close the deal in December '06. CompanyB will be issuing revised offer letters to new hires like myself soon.
    So even when my H1B has been filed by CompanyA, it will cease to exist on my joining date (January '07).

    My question is how is the H1B handled in such a case ?
    Can an amendment be sent to the original application saying its for CompanyB, and not CompanyA. Or does CompanyB have to apply for a fresh H1B ?

    General qn : When can I change the employer -- when the H1 papers reach INS or when the lawyers get the receipt notice from INS ?

    They are setting up conference calls with the lawyers soon; I was wondering if I could get some inputs from the experts on the forum as well.

    09-28 10:08 PM
    Hello Attorney`s

    I am in a weird situation here, I was Laid off on July 21st with pay in lieu until 4th August. I had applied for Change of Status to F2 (my wife is on F1) on 17th August. On 31st August I got a job offer and applied for H1B transfer to USCIS on 8th September (using 15th august paystub as the latest).

    At the same time i filed to USCIS to revoke my F2 application.

    Today I got a notice from USCIS that my application for change of status to F2 is approved as of 09/21/2009.

    Now, I dont know what to do, does it mean I am now on F2? Is my H1B transfer application still valid or I need to apply again this time on premium processing.

    What should be my next course of action. Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks so much..!!

    Have a great day..!

    07-01 12:49 PM
    SKIL Act House Companion Bill, H.R. 5744, Introduced in the House


    For the SKIL legislation, please read the following materials until the House bill is made available:

    * CompeteAmerica Report
    * Senate Version of SKIL Bill

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